December 9, 2023

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OPM Pastor: Pray, May This Death In Plane Crash Involving Presidential Candidate Not Come To Pass * Why I’m Supporting Peter Obi

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General Overseer of the Omega Power Ministries, OPM, Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor has spoken of a terrifying dream he had where he was shown the site of a plane crash involving one of the presidential candidates for next year’s election.



Although he did not give details of the revelation, but Chibuzor told TNN in an online interview that what he saw was terrifying. Amidst sobs, the philanthropic pastor said the candidate actually died in the dream he saw and that people were crying.


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Saying that Nigeria did not need to shed tears at a time like this, the OPM leader urged Christian leaders and all Nigerians to join him in prayers to avert the disaster.



This is how the telephone interview went, in parts:
I saw a post on your page concerning a plane crash which you said you saw, and the crash involved a presidential candidate. I like us to talk about it sir.
It was 2.3am yesterday, I saw an aeroplane crash and it was very very bad, very, very bad. After I saw it, I began to pray and asked God for mercy. I made the post for other Christians and pastors to join me to pray to cancel it.


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The accident you saw, was the candidate involved from the north or from the south?
I can’t mention that. I don’t want to cause any panic. A lot of people are praying.



But you saw the person



Did the person die?
I don’t want to go into that but it was very, very bad.


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People were crying?
Yes. People were crying. God took me to the scene of the incident and there was smoke. They were bringing people out. It was a very clear revelation and I was just at the scene of where it happened.




Even as you are talking to me, your voice is shaking. It appears you are still terrified by what you saw
Very, very terrified.


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Which means it is possible the person may have died
Yes. But there is nothing God cannot do. That is why I want other Christian bodies to join and cancel it. We don’t need such now (sobs). What we need is God’s mercy because his mercy overrides every tragedy.



And you think Nigerians will really mourn if it turns out that the accident eventually happens and the person you saw also dies?
When death happens, a lot of people will mourn; whether the person is a good person or a bad person. People will mourn. We don’t need any mourning now.


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The other day, Peter Obi was in your church and you told your church members to vote for him. Why do you think he is the best?
I prefer him because records speak louder than voice. One of the things I spend so much money on is education. Everything boils down to education. Number one, once a person is educated, he will hardly be deceived to go into crime because he knows he has a future. You will hardly see a medical doctor carry gun into the streets to rob. But the illiterate will do that.




I can remember vividly that Anambra became number one in the area of education. He invested so much in education. When you talk about Anambra State, Abia State, they are mainly known for trading. How can a place that is known for trading suddenly turn to number one in education? There was something the man did. Anambra became number one in education in Nigeria. I am so much interested in education. Education is the bedrock of everything. I am not talking about people who say they will do this and that. This man had done it before and I believe with his past records, we can trust him.



Number two, which person have you seen that ruled a state and left behind money for the next governor? You don’t find it. But this man left money in the coffers of Anambra State before he left. He did not owe any contractor or bank or staff salary or even pensioners.
Since I was born, I have never voted. The last time, I encouraged my people to go and register and vote. But I will be voting for the first time. I am running free schools and free hospitals because I want to help the children. It is not my job. It is not my job to be giving scholarship to people. But the government is not doing it.


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How can Nigerians be going to look for work in Ghana? I love my country with a passion. I want the glory of this country to be restored and we need a good leader to do that. We have seen all the other candidates and what they have done before. Records speak and Peter Obi’s records speak better.



To what extent are you willing to go, in your effort to see that Peter Obi becomes president?
To the best of my ability. I will not force anybody to vote for him, but I will persuade them to follow their conscience. I am not the only one who has endorsed Peter Obi but the politicians are attacking me for endorsing him, but I am not the first to adopt him.


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I have to say my mind. In my church, I have people from all the political parties; so I will not force anyone to follow me and vote Peter Obi. But I know that our people know the truth. I will continue to sensitize them, but the choice is their own. For me, my vote is for Peter Obi.



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