July 19, 2024

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Group Blasts Wike, Says Employment Offer Is Deceptive

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It appears that the 10,000 employment offer, recently announced by the Rivers State governor, Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, did not go down well with everyone. This is following the condemnation that enshroud this declaration by a Pan-Niger Delta youth group.



Speaking under the aegis of South-South Youth Initiative SSYI, Mr. Savour Oscar Imeabe described the employment offer as ridiculous, deceptive, alleging that it is a ploy by the state government to deceive the people of the state into voting for the PDP governorship candidate in the forthcoming March 18 gubernatorial election.



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Imeabe, who is the national president of SSYI, a South-South youth group in the Niger Delta region told TNN in an exclusive interview, on Monday, that, “governor Nyesom Wike knows very well from his heart, he knows very well that what he did is a deceit, governor Nyesom Wike has derived so much joy to deceive the people of Rivers State.



“A governor that came up with a slogan, for the first time a governor will form a song and say ‘as eh dey pain them, eh dey sweet us’ ‘as eh dey sweet us, eh dey pain them’ a government that should be thinking of how to make people get the best attention, this is the same government that is happy, celebrating the anger, pain the people are passing through, is that supposed to be a responsible government?



Guber Race: I’m Not Desperate To Become Governor -YPP Candidate




“We’ve said it before, in 2015 wike promised 5000 job opportunities, promised to pay bursary for students, promised to promote civil servants, promised to pay pensions and gratuities; that was his campaign promise in 2015.


“Now, imagine a governor telling the people of Rivers State that I know there is hunger in the land, I know the people are hungry, I know the people need money, so because of that I have decided to come up with stomach infrastructure, that was a statement from a government, now, it did not end there, just how many days to election, the governor came up and then said he wants to give job opportunities to 10,000 youths. How did he describe it, he said I wanted to give 5,000 but looking at the level of what you are facing in the society I have decided to increase it to 10,000 ntorr.”



Guber Race: I’m Not Desperate To Become Governor -YPP Candidate




He continued that, “I cannot applaud him when I know it’s a mockery. I don’t consider that a good step at the right direction because one governor Nyesom Wike first of all used that opportunity to mock Rivers people, how did he pronounce the job opportunity? He said and I quote, I have seen what is going around, I wanted to give 5000 job opportunity but now I want to make it 10000, I am increasing it to ten because of what I am seeing in the society ntorr, can you imagine the end point of it, now, you are giving the same job and at the same time telling the people of Rivers State ntorr, how do you describe that, is that not supposed to be a mockery? Isn’t that supposed to let the people understand that you don’t care about them, so I am actually saying that the people should know that Wike does not mean well, these whole thing is to attract vote for his candidate that is not accepted by the people, this whole thing is to ensure that he will stand the chance of securing some votes for his candidate that is not sellable.”


Guber Race: I’m Not Desperate To Become Governor -YPP Candidate




Recall that last weekend, South South Youth Initiative held a media chat where the national president stated that Wike’s offer of employment and promotion of workers was ridiculous and inciting.



Again, in a release made available to TNN, the group also explained that, “our concern at this time in the history of this state is to ensure that bad leaders are not given the opportunity to rule us any longer. Because, over the years Nigerians gave politicians the opportunity to exploit and destroy us and they had their field day, but today, we are awake to our rights and they will no more enjoy our commonwealths without giving the state equitable development.



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“Just yesterday, we were inundated with the declaration of the governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike, that his administration would review the constitution of the Rivers State Civil Service Commission and then create 10,000 employments in the state’s civil service. The governor also ordered for the immediate promotion of Civil Servants in the state. – The first question that comes to mind is, why now. Why is the governor offering the state he claims he loves A Greek Gift? It is today that the governor realized that the State Civil Servants have worked under his administration for eight good years without promotion? Why are all these coming in the face of the governorship election?



“Can we say the governor is prompt and proactive to the challenges of the people of the state? No. This has only exposed the fact that Governor Wike only engages in acts policy that would make him score cheap political point. But not at this time. Not in 2023, when the conscious and drive for a better Rivers State has taken over the citizens.


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“For a governor, who abandoned the workers in the state, abandoned even the State Secretariat since 2015 to come out because he wants his ‘Boy’ to represent him in his third term bid, to announce job creation and promotion of workers is the highest display of indicency. It is ridiculous and inciting for him to tell the state that he wants to engage works and promotion workers at the eve of his administration. Wike only wants to build an upstairs in his old age that he will not climb.



“Now, those are supposed to have been promoted two or three times since 2015 when he assumed office, why is their fate. Will the governor ensure three times promotion for all of them? Will the process be holistic? These are facts that we need to think about.

This is a government that failed to given attention to welfare of the people of the state and human capital project, but only lavished the state’s resources concentrating flyovers in Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt City Local Government Areas.



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“We condemn this failed attempt by Chief Nyesom Wike to cow Rivers people into voting for his candidate in the forthcoming election, through promise of promotion and employment. For how long should we be deceived. This is not the first time he is announcing employment in this state without fulfilling any.”



The release further urged the youths and job seekers in the state not to, “fall for the April-Fool job advert by the governor. This is purely a cheap political gimmick. We had earlier said that Governor would three months to the end of his administration lift embargo on promotion of Civil Servants and Jobs in the state. Just like we preempted, the governor could not write his movie beyond his usual plot and our established speculation. Like I said, this is just a political gimmick to get attention ahead of the elections, but he has been rejected by people of the state. He knows very well that he is not accepted by Rivers people, he is trying everything possible to get the people on his side.


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“We advise Rivers people to distance themselves from this prank. He is a known prank star. We advise that they should reject the job offer, as well as the acclaimed promotion because it is just a trap to get us k to the cage of four or eight years of suffering and enduring.”

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