July 19, 2024

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Poor Drainage Worsens Condition Of Rivers Residents

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The flood situation at Ohakwe Street, off NTA road, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt is saddening. Residents of the area are in awe, following the devastating condition of the area whenever it rains.





While Nigerians were exercising their franchise at the poll last weekend, those residing in the affected area were seen bailing out water from their shops, homes and trying to remove dirt from the drainage to allow easy passage of water.



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This was to avert the destruction of their properties and submerging of their homes by the water from the rain.
The about 20 minutes rain that fell during the election, last Saturday, caused great havoc for the people who explained their misery to TNN.






According to them, it is a usual phenomenon, which got worse as a result of the on-going flyover construction. They believe that if an appropriate passage is created for the waters, their properties and homes will be saved from been immersed by flood.



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The only resident who agreed to speak with TNN, Mrs. Chinelo Okechukwu, explained that, “it’s always like this when it rains, the rain will bring out all the waterproof, paper and rubbish and it will be littered all over the road.





“I don’t want to say this or that caused it, my own is that the water is not moving, if you are not at home and it rains, no matter how small it falls, your name is sorry because water will enter your house and destroy your things.


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“If they open the guitar well, I am sure that it will no longer be this bad. Look at it na, just this small rain, water has covered the road, some of us ran from the election place to the house to protect our things.


Weep Not, Your Excellency, Govs, PDP, Associates Tell Diri

“We just packed in December, me I did not know that the place used to be like this, if not, I for no pack come here, now we are here, they should help us and do something, we have children and old people here, and even snake can enter somebody’s house. The water is too much, we need help.”

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