December 2, 2023

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Wike: I Dare Those Planning To Deal With Me

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Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has described as empty the threat by some politicians to deal with him when they eventually win the 2023 presidential election.
He said he waiting to see the threats become a reality. “All of them planning and saying they will deal with us, they’ve not been born. I dare them, let them try it,” Wike said.
 According to him, his political crime has been his insistence on equity, fairness and justice to be practiced within the party, which they consider as too tough a demand to satisfy.
The Rivers State governor spoke at Community Secondary School 1 in Mogho Town, venue of the campaign flag-off rally by the Rivers State PDP Campaign Council in Gokana Local Government Area.
Wike described such threats as laughable, because those threatening him will never win at the poll, and will not have such opportunity at all to carry out their sinister scheme.
“Most of you have watched on YouTube where they said they will deal with me when they win. You can’t win. You’ve not won, you are threatening to deal with some people. Will God allow you?”
He insisted that he is a strong proponent of the principal of equity, fairness and justice because it is about the best way to foster inclusivity in PDP.
He pointed to the evil of denying other equal stakeholders due rights that will give them a sense of belonging, wherein the unity of purpose matters within the party.
The govenor told Gokana people to be proud of their nativity and being citizens of Rivers State. According to him, no person can ever intimidate the State because it will never play second fiddle in Nigeria.
He also advised Gokana people to go get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) that will be used to punish haters of Rivers State.
He said the 2023 election will be about the use of the PVCs, which is the people’s power, and it will not be like what was experienced in 2019 where officers of the Nigerian Army and police were used to intimidate voters.
In his speech, Rivers State governorship candidate of the PDP, Sir Siminialayi Fubara asserted that the party will win the election in the State, but there is need for the winning to be very convincing.
Fubara assured that when elected, his administration will continue in the performance footstep set by the Wike’s administration.

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