September 27, 2023

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Warn Your Daughters, Real Men Are Too Gentle To Brag

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By Pat Mgbe


I have always believed that men are naturally stronger and bolder than women. Whether you call them lawless, insubordinate, ungodly, untrustworthy, fornicators, liars, deceivers, cowards, chameleons, a man is certainly the only requirement (husband) a woman needs to become a Mrs.



Men, like you will always posit are also brutal, to you, the devil is a man, so, the devil you attribute to the man. You even say men are terrorist, traitors, slanderers, cultists. Also, that men are unthankful, drunks or better still, moving beer parlour, hahaha, but remember, to be a man is certainly not a day’s job.


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I agree that there are men who are good husband material, very good husband material, yet, there are also those who should never come near your daughters. We are all men, but not all men are men enough nor real men, warn your daughters of them, but certainly, do not say all men, remember she is a product of your husband, man.



See those bad eggs, once a lady engage them in a conversation or they approach a lady, their one and only intention is to have her in bed, hence, they start bragging of who they were, who they are and who they will become. All lies, warn your daughters, real men are too gentle to brag.


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Tell her to flee from those boasters in men clothing, who look like a future, yet have none. They always have very big dreams that exist only in their imagination. They plan to build skyscraper, own a jet, construct a 19 storey building for your parents, and turn your entire village to Dubai, very sweet and impressive idea, yet, they are not ready to work.



Their profile is longer than your marriage list; they know the latest car, the richest man, infact, they know somebody, that knows somebody, that knows that person that is close to the SA to one big man or politician like that, they have big plans, very big plans for the future, but you see today, they cannot work for somebody, neither can they start a smile business, all they desire is to chill with the big boys.


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Unfortunately, some of our daughters, these beautiful creatures love sweet stories, forgetting that a hungry stomach needs food not lullabies. They want us flashy, cool looking, clean, on suite properly ironed, looking very rich without shishi, not forgetting a good perfume.



They don’t like the truth, ‘I am a professional mechanic with ideas and I have raised over…’ Jesus Christ, they will exclaim, and tell you how they are tired of poverty, they are coming from a poor home, and now this, God forbid, I can never marry a poor man, what is this, will I die in poverty? She didn’t listen, she would have heard the future and know that the ordinary mechanic has saved well enough to establish her and himself.


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Tell your daughters, real men are too gentle to brag, they are cool because life is a journey, and you never arrive except you stop living. Warn them, those sweet talkers believe they have empty brains, so they fill it up with unrealistic dreams.



Luckily, some women have become wise, they know these playboys when they see them and also realize the real men, when they approach them, but please, warn your daughters.



Yes, I know, these boys speak clean English, but tell her that English is a language, not an occupation except for those who teach it, if he doesn’t teach it, he only learnt it, so he should go and work.


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For those on ear rings, who plait their hair or have it jerry curl, those who sag and tattoo their skin, I will say nothing, just warn your daughters.
Men are physically stronger and bolder than women, so warn your daughters. I am entitled to my opinion, if you have a contrary view, challenge mine with your writeup.



This opinion came from Mgbe, a social commentator, based in Ikom, Cross River State.

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