November 30, 2021

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Widow, Daughter Pregnant After Landlord’s Son, Friends Gang-Raped Them

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A widow and her only daughter in Junior Secondary class three have been confirmed pregnant. This is happening two months after they were gang- raped by hoodlums led by their landlord’s son. Here, the widow tells her ordeal, in pidgin English.

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Them rape us. Na rape them rape me and my daughter, Now, Doctor say we get belle. We drink all the medicine wey doctor give us, how this belle use enter? God, e for better where you kill me, just kill me, which kind suffer, which kind shame be this? (Weeps)

My landlord son wey no gree us drink water drop cup, carry him friends, come my house for night; rape me and my daughter, now see, chai! I don tire, God! which kind life be this? (Weeps)

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This boy dey disturb my daughter say him wan friend my daughter, I tell him mama and brother wey be pastor because him papa don die, say make them tell lam to leave my daughter for me; na only she I get, as him mama husband die, na so my own die, my pikin no dey fine trouble, she no be talk-talk, na this moimoi business we dey use chop.

Him and him friends dey block my daughter when she dey return from school or go buy something, because of them, she no dey go school sometimes. When I talk, them say make I leave, say I dey worry too much, say him no go do anything, make them come see, chai!

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I for report am, but I follow watin them talk, because as them arrest am today, na so them dey release am tomorrow. Just two days after them release am, him go drink with him friends for him birthday, come do me and my pikin this one.

“Na 9 for night, we hear knock for door, when my daughter open, na so him and him friends push enter inside, lock door, drag us tie for bed come begin rape us. This one climb come down, another one climb, four of them rape us one by one, all the shout wey we shout, no body come help us. After them bellyful, na so him enter kitchen carry pepper put for our yansh, We cry tire but fear no gree our neighbors come, nobody come, small time him friends call lam say police dey come make them run but him no gree; them come leave am run. When him open door to run them come shoot am.

We still dey bed were them tie us dey hear when him dey beg, say na devil, him start to beg say make them forgive am, say na devil cause am, as him dey talk na em them shoot am again him come die.

“We do everything wey doctor tell us, eh no easy, my daughter almost kill herself, no be one, no be two, now, doctor say we carry belle. Which sin I commit? Na me be first woman wey get daughter or wey her husband die? Make una tell me, wetin I go do? 


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