March 1, 2024

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Rivers Secretariat Stinks

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Some parts of the Rivers State secretariat is currently stinking, even as flood water appears to have sacked some of the workers from their offices in the top floors of the block where the ministry of Agriculture is located.

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Worst hit is the Block A building. TNN visited the 6th and 7th floor of the block housing the state ministry of Agriculture twice in a space of two months and the situation remained in a sorry state.

During those visits of July 16th and August 6th, the terrible condition of these buildings were indeed bewildering. Its level of deterioration is indeed an eyesore. It’s a wonder how staff in those offices are coping in such a working environment.

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As at July 16, it was almost impossible to access the 7th floor of Block A, as the entire floor was flooded, coupled with the blackout as at the time of visit.

The 7th floor of the ministry of Agriculture block is in a terrible decaying state. The roof appears to be licking terribly, the doors getting out of place and the floor mercilessly messed up by flood water.

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Outside the complex doesn’t look any better as grasses now take the place of flowers on the walls. The Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, is either not aware of the rot in the secretariat or is more concerned about the construction of more flyovers on Aba road.

Apart from the dilapidated state of these buildings, there seem to be epileptic power supply in the area, subjecting staff and visitors to walk through the stair case to the top floor.


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TNN made efforts to reach the Commissioner for Information and Communications, Paulinus Nsirim, on the issue but he did not respond to calls as at the time of report.

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