February 22, 2024

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It’s Time For Ogoni Son To Govern Rivers – Ex-APC Chieftain

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That Senator Magnus Ngei Abe did not make the list as displayed by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, didn’t mean anything to supporters of the senator like Dr. Anosike Orduwa Joseph (ksc), a grassroots politician and activist in ward 5, Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state, who recently resigned his membership of the All Progressives Congress APC. 

Orduwa expressed optimism that Abe will be on the ballot. He told EDITH CHUKU in this interview that with Abe’s emergence as SDP candidate, there were high hopes that he would become governor in 2023. 



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You recently resigned your membership of the APC.
Yes, I have withdrawn my membership of the All Progressives Congress APC, Rivers State, which I am sure you are very much aware of, because I know my resignation letter is everywhere on the internet. So, yes, I have left APC, Rivers State, I did officially convey that intention through a letter.



What is your grouse, why did you leave the APC?
Well, after careful evaluation of the current political state of the party, and considering the perspectives I have envisioned for my political future, I came to the conclusion that the current happenings within the party in the state is no longer in tandem with the original ideologies of the party which aligned with my aspirations. So, against this backdrop therefore, I tendered my membership resignation from the party. However, I remain committed to the presidential ambition, candidacy of His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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Before we talk about your said commitment to the presidential candidate of the APC, tell us, what are these current happenings, political state in Rivers APC, that according to you, is no longer in agreement with the original ideologies of the party?
The issue of godfatherism, godfatherism has rained more harm than good to the APC in our dear Rivers State, not just APC, handpicking of a candidate rather than allowing the people to choose their representatives themselves based on conviction, belief, acceptability, allow people to choose, to decide with their vote, make the system free, fair and credible enough so that tomorrow, whether good or bad, someone can say I made this choice myself. But no, we have sit tight politicians, since the constitution does not allow more than two tenure, they have to handpick so as to indirectly remain in power.


Whoever is interested should join the race, throw his hat on the ring, test his popularity and credibility which should be decided by the people with their vote, but no, you impose your choice for your personal, selfish reasons and want everyone to nod and applaud you. Godfatherism has marred our system and journalist, you know quite well that what I am saying is true, nothing but the truth. But again, I believe strongly that something shocking will play out this time. It will not be business as usual. In this coming election, the masses will speak their mind with their PVC, and with the BVAS machine, we are optimistic that the system will be as credible, fair as never before.

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From the creation of Rivers State, which is about 55years, Ogoni man has never been governor, deputy governor, chief judge, for equity and justice, this is the turn of Ogoni people, every Ikwerre man ought to and should support an Ogoni man.


What does 2023 Rivers governorship election mean to you, is it about equity or credibility?
Both. For equity and justice sake, let an Ogoni man be supported to govern Rivers State, it is their turn, for credibility sake, not just an Ogoni man but someone that can and will take Rivers State to the next and most favourable height and trust me, that you know the person, Rivers people know who can take this state to the next level, that is why there are battles, if the right thing was done, and there was no handpicking, selection instead of election, godfatherism, you know that Senator Magnus Abe will be in the brick house without stress come 2023, because he is a man of the people, Rivers people will support him, the platform is all that is needed and we are very hopeful of victory.


You have just confirmed leaving the APC, but haven’t told us your new party?
You will know very soon, that I will make known soon.

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Speaking of godfatherism, who is godfathering who?
Amaechi is Tonye Cole’s godfather, Wike is Sim Fubara’s godfather. If Tonye Cole wins, Amaechi has automatically been returned to power, yes. If Sim Fubara wins, Wike is still the governor of Rivers State.

We are all qualified to be governor, anyone can vie for that position, we all can decide to contest, but trust me, the truth remains that not everyone is credible for that position, and if there is any person that can at this moment take Rivers State and her people to where it ought to be, then we have that candidate among the very many contesting, that is Senator Magnus Abe, he does not have a godfather, all he has is the support of Rivers people.

Abe does not have a godfather, so, who is Tinubu to him?
Senator Magnus Abe does not have a god father; all he has, I repeat, is the support of Rivers people. We supported Tinubu out of our conviction, because of where we are as a country, we want him to replicate what he did in Lagos in the entire country. Lagos is for the rich, the middle class and the poor. All we are saying is that he should come and put Nigeria in a proper shape. We need someone that can unite Nigeria.

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Are you not concerned about the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC, which some political juggernauts of the party cited as their reason for dumping the party?
Muslim-muslim ticket is inconsequential, I don’t even want to go there, the wife of Tinubu is a Christian and a pastor, they have been married for years yet he did not convert her, now, check Atiku’s wives, check, muslim-muslim ticket is not the issue, Nigeria needs total transformation, and we have the conviction that Tinubu can make that happen considering how he transformed Lagos.


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