May 17, 2022

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Insecurity: POS Operator Escapes Death In Rivers Community

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Incessant robbery attack on Point of Sales, POS, outlets in Rivers State appears to have returned to Port Harcourt, following the unfortunate incidents that occurred last weekend, in Okporo and Eneka communities, respectively.

A POS operator in Okporo axis of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the state, Mr. Promise Ogadinma, recounted how he almost lost his life, saying he was attacked and dispossessed of N120,000.
The incident which seemed to many as an organized crime was said to have happened around 6:47pm, last Friday.

Ogadinma claimed the robbery gang was made of two guys and a Keke rider, believed to be in their mid-20s, were fully armed with kitchen knives.

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Speaking with TNN, he said “I was going home when they robbed me. I closed yesterday and entered Keke in front of my shop, close to Rumuodara junction. I was going to my house just after Cocaine Village, I didn’t know that the Keke boy and the two boys in the back with me are (sic) thief.

“It was just the Keke boy and one of them that was sitting at the back. Immediately I entered the Keke the other boy came and entered and we left. Just close to my junction, the two of them pressed their (sic) knife on my waist, the two side of my waist very tight, it almost cut my cloth. They said I should give them all the money.

“I tried to delay so we (sic) reach my junction but they pushed the knife that it almost cut me, so, the one on my left hand used the knife and cut the rope of my bag, immediately they stopped and asked me to come down, and they left.

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“I begged them seriously, I even told them to take some of the money and give me some, that money is what I want to use to pay my house rent, and even my shop rent, but they take(sic) everything, everything.”

In the case of Mrs. Confidence Orji, in Eneka community, she said two men visited her POS outlet, where she also runs a computer training programme, and carted away N15,000.

She said “I came to the shop in the evening (same Friday) to meet my girl crying, you know, I asked what happened, she said she gave two men N15,000, just like that.


“She told me the men came and said they wanted to withdraw N15,000 and she just counted N15,000 and gave to them without even collecting their ATM card, she did not take the money from their account. In fact, she did not even see their ATM card, they just said they wanted to withdraw N15,000, she counted the money and gave them.”


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