December 8, 2023

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Fire Disaster: Assemblies Of God Pastor Cheats Death

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The Rev Dr. Johnwhyte Ede, a senior minister with the Assemblies of God Church, Egede District, has narrated how he escaped death during a fire outbreak that burnt his vehicle to ashes, on January 6, 2022.

Speaking with TNN, Ede said “it was quite shocking, the most shocking aspect of it is that it took me unawares. Usually in my dealings with God and in my work with God, I will have this premonition, God will pre-empt me, God will give me information that something like this is about to happen but for this I didn’t know.

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“We were driving to a revival crusade at Ojwo-Adum Ito, where I was invited as guest speaker. Rev. Emmanuel Ode was on the wheels of the BMW 2012, e90, Rev Willy Egbe was on the passenger seat in front and I was at my position at the back. All of a sudden at a lonely place, the tempter came against our lives but to God’s glory, only my car got burnt to ashes.

“This happened about 14 minutes after eight in the evening, and we were driving down a slope, between 20, 30 speed limit. We were not on speed, so all of a sudden the car started blowing an alarm, and then we looked to our front and then we saw this fire coming from the front tyre, the tyre on the driver’s side, we saw the fire coming right from that place, we were not sure what exactly happened.

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“It couldn’t have been an electrical fault, it couldn’t have been an over-heating issue because if it was over- heating it will start from the top casket, the top cylinder, that’s where it will begin from, so, we saw the fire and then we rushed out. I picked my fire extinguisher, pumped it on the fire but the fire refused to go off, my fire extinguisher couldn’t do the job, soapy water was not enough, sand was not enough, road users who finally met us were also helpless and that was how we all watched the car burn to ashes, so we are not really very sure of the cause of the fire incident.”

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