December 8, 2023

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After 10 Years Of Childlessness, Mother Of Two Days Old Twins Dies On Xmas Day

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The unfortunate demise of Mrs. Gloria Chiaka Aderibigbe, two days after she was delivered of a set of twin babies has aroused sympathy from members of the public.
The deceased who was reported to have been without a child for about 10 years of marriage, welcomed her twin children on the 23rd of December, 2021, but unfortunately, lost her life on December 25 last year.

While many were enjoying the Christmas celebration, the family of Mr. Aderibigbe was thrown into mourning following the unexpected death of Gloria.
TNN gathered that the late woman, shortly after giving birth developed some complications, it is believed that her demise on Christmas day, is not unconnected to the issues she was alleged to have had after delivery.

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Few days after this disheartening incident, members of the public have continued to galvanise support, even as they showed pity towards the children. It is yet to be established if she delivered through a Caesarean Section, CS. But residents members of the public have been urged to reach out to the children and see to it that they lack nothing.

While describing the incident as terrifying, founder of Refuge for Women and Girl-Child, RWGC, Naomi Achiebi said “I couldn’t control my tears when I heard that news, I just couldn’t help but ask why? After 10 whole years of barrenness, 10 years of encouraging yourself that someday you will conceive and give birth to your own children, only for you to conceive, bring forth two wonderful gifts to this world and yet not be here to carry them, nurse them and watch them grow.

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“These children didn’t even feed from their mother’s breast for good three days. If I tell you that I was not baffled by this sad event, I am a liar. This is one thing I have not been able to digest myself, not to speak of explaining to another person.
She appealed to the public to “show love to the children, as much as you can, reach out to them, send them gifts and pray for the bereaved family, especially the husband,” while also advising women to be mindful of their tongue in trying times.

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