June 13, 2024

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After Scoring Straight As In WAEC, Rivers Daughter Says: Help, My Dream Is To Study Medicine In Canada

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Remember Ogwubie Chikemzi Praise? She is that Rivers girl that scored straight As in all her subjects in the last WAEC. She is from Choba, Obio/Akpor Local Government. In this interview with EDITH CHUKU, Praise who studied at Total Education Development Academy, TEDA, in Eke-Owerri, Abia State says her dream is to study medicine in Canada, even though her parents can hardly afford the fees. She wants Nigerians to assist her realise her dreams.



You made As in all your nine subjects in the just concluded WAEC examination. What else would you like to tell us?

I want to study medicine. That’s my dream, to study medicine. It will be a dream come true, to graduate as a medical doctor and start serving God and humanity through saving of lives.

Honestly, I will like to travel to Canada, I will like to study medicine in Canada, if that’s possible, I will really appreciate travelling to study there.

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If possible?

Yes, if possible.

Why the ‘if’?

Well, to travel to Canada to study is not a joke. I know it’s quite huge, very expensive, it will cost a lot. That’s why I said if possible.

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What of your parents?

My Parents are the best. I am very proud and grateful to God for such priceless gifts as my dad and mum and of course not forgetting my amazing uncle, Uncle Okpor Victor Iyke. My parents have given their very best; they are the most supportive parents, the most loving. They are the second reason I got this far, after God. But for Canada, that’s too much, (laughs), if they could, they would have given that much for me, I would have been in Canada or preparing to leave for Canada by now. But because of financial constraint, it’s a dream and I strongly believe that if it is God’s will, which I pray it is, it will surely come to pass.

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And if that opportunity doesn’t come?

I changed to PAMO University. I like the school, I will gratefully study there, if I can’t go to Canada, but it will be a dream come true if I can travel to study medicine in Canada.

When you say you changed to PAMO university, what does that mean?

Yes, my first choice of university was Babcock University.

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So, what happened?

Yes, Babcock was my first choice of university, though they have offered me admission (medicine and surgery), but after we finished meeting with the commissioner of education Rivers State, he requested that I change my choice of institution to PAMO university. Hopefully on state scholarship. Because of financial constraints, I changed from Babcock University to PAMO University on the request of the commissioner.

He said some public schools’ results are still being held by WAEC, that once it’s released, the governor will check if any other candidate got good grades too, then he can call and meet with us.

I will be going for the screening exercise in PAMO on Monday 23, 2020.

I hopefully wish to start there while I keep my Canada dreams alive.

If I get scholarship to travel, I will really remain grateful and return to give my best in saving lives.

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Do you think you deserve a scholarship from the Rivers State government?

Well, all we have, we can’t boost of because it’s by grace, God’s grace that we have them, not by our strength, on our own we can do nothing. I will really appreciate it, it will mean so much to me and my family, I won’t say I deserve because I am not the only one that made A’s in all her subjects, and also, it’s not by my power but if God wills, it will come.

What if the Rivers State government, or an NGO, parastatal decides to grant you scholarship to study in Canada?

I will be very thankful to them, I will be very grateful and I will reach out to the sick and helpless.

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What was your first reaction when you learnt that WAEC had released result?

I was anxious, truly, I just wanted to find out what I got.

When you found out, how did you feel?

It was my uncle that checked my result. I was very happy and indeed surprised.

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Surprised! Why, did you doubt if it’s truly your performance?

I was expecting As but certainly not As in all my subjects, so I was surprised, sincerely. I was, I was expecting A’s in some subjects but not all, so when I saw it, I was surprised, but very happy at the same time.

How did your parents react when you broke the good news to them?

They were very, very happy, my mum hugged me.

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What’s the next step?

I have written my JAMB, believing God for admission so I can study medicine.

Now, for some children, your kind of result is rare, not easy to come by, what advice would you like to give to them?

They should continue reading, they shouldn’t relent, they should put God first in everything they are doing. It’s not by their power, it’s by the grace of God, it’s only God that can do it.

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