June 13, 2024

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Group Raises The Alarm Over Sea Incursion Into Ondo Communities

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Worried by the neglect of the Ilaje coastal communities of Ondo State by the state and federal government, the Ilaje Development Summit Group (IDSG) has made a case for urgent intervention by the appropriate government agencies to save the communities from extinction.
This is coming just as the group has taken steps to assist those who have been displaced, while they await the intervention of the government. A statement by the executive administrator of the group, the Rev. Sola Adebawo expressed sadness over the plight of those residing in the coastal communities of Ilaje.
The statement said if the government remained non-challant on the issue, scores of the inhabitants and their property would cease to exist in a few years.
The group called for immediate provision of relief materials and medical support to alleviate the immediate hardship of the people, and called on Ondo State Government to help provide temporary Shelter for the displaced.

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“As part of the group’s concerted efforts to drive the process and facilitate state actors engagement, the Rev. Adebawo announced the formation of an Intervention committee, headed by former chairman of Ondo State Civil Service Commission, Primate Afolabi Aboyewa, to coordinate activities aimed at supporting the displaced people in the affected communities as well as collaborating with government at all levels and all key stakeholders to alleviate the suffering of the people and to deploy a sustainable solution to the intractable problem.

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“It is instructive to note that many communities in Ilaje Local Government,such as Messe, Gbagira, Jinrinwo, Odofado, Abereke and others, have suffered incessant debilitating effects of ocean surge.  The most recent impact is felt at Aiyetoro, the hub of Ilaje  creativity and industry, where several homes have been damaged, and several properties worth over a billion Naira destroyed,” the statement noted.

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