June 13, 2024

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Biafra Struggle: Nnamdi Kanu Is A Scammer -Asari

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Alhaji Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force is popular for his role in the struggle for a better life in the region. He hosted a crew from Goshen TV/ TNN in his village recently and bared his mind on the recent carnage in Oyigbo, following the activities of people who claim to be proponents of Biafra.




After the #EndSARS protest, which was hijacked across the country, there was this speculation that IPOB guys hijacked the protest, especially in Oyigbo, Rivers State, police stations were burnt, a curfew was declared for up to12 days. How did you see the whole drama that played out in Rivers State?

As far as I’m concerned, #EndSARS was one of the most stupid things that anybody had conceived, but at the end of the day we discovered that the people were scammed, they were cajoled by some people and Nnamdi Kanu was one of them.

What is the meaning of EndSARS? What will be the benefit of EndSARS, what are we going to benefit from EndSARS? What is good governance? These are abstract terms. When you say end SARS, they are going to sack all the SARS people who are in the police, so if they used to wear one uniform, black or they used to dress like armed robbers, so from now on, SARS people oh! No dress like arm robber again, no put dada for your head again. Now, go and wear that green that other police men are wearing, so that is what you want, the end of SARS, now they said it’s not SARS, you said SARS na, we don’t want SARS, so they bring what is called SWAT or whatever they call it, they have brought that one, those ones are looking like Rottweilers, you see them everything, all gadgets on their body. So if they see you, they won’t flog you again? What of the military men, are they not brutalizing people? See, we are talking of fundamental issues and the fundamental issues we are talking about is, this Nigeria no correctthe Nigeria get as eh be, and the only way you can cure Nigeria is to end Nigeria. So, instead of saying end SARS, we would have gone out to say end Nigeria. That’s why IPOB and other organizations come in. This young man came up, a megalomania, you know all these albinos and all these people, you know they have some sort of complex in them and then when they are given opportunity, they want to show like “kpulapu” short people like this, when you put a short person in a position, the person wants to say ‘I am present, I’m here o’.  Yes, that is what is happening. Now this young man has been sick. They were saying Ohanaeze Ndigbo president, if you see him stone him to death, beat and they actually beat Ekweremadu, Uwazuruike this one, Dokubo Asari this one, everybody o o o, the owner of Air Peace, he is a thief kill him. So when you have killed everybody and then government officials were Nicodemously dealing with this fellow, and they were gathering, was government not aware that they were gathering at Oyigbo? Government was aware they were gathering at Oyigbo, government did not do anything. I did a broadcast in which I stated this fact. So what Governor Wike did was good.  You cannot use Rivers State, you are not a Rivers man, majority of the people doing these thing are not Rivers people, you cannot come to use Rivers territory as your Sambisa forest to launch attack. So now the consequences of that attack will now be on Rivers people. Did they not kill police people? Did they not kill soldiers? Did they not say they have Odeshi? Did you not see them boasting, did we not see how they were parading the DPO? They were all on social media, are we the ones who posted all those things on social media? They did.

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Are you supporting Governor Wike?

If somebody does what is right, I will support him. Whether I like Wike or not somebody now said he has placed N100 million on the head of my governor, that anybody who sees my governor should bring his head. Wike is my enemy, if the man (Nnamdi Kanu) can have the audacity to place N100 million bounty on my governor, that means my own he will place even one million, so when he is doing these things he doesn’t know that, some people will say, so na so Rivers State don reach, wey one Albino go come put bounty for our governor head, oya make we go look for am, where ever he is. So there are times people are so filled up with themselves. In this one, I am 100 per cent with Wike, I have been in the field, when you are going to war, you must make an assessment of the cost of that war, the body bags you are going to sew, prepare to carry dead bodies. The guns and the bullets you are going to use in killing your enemy, you cannot say I am going to kill my enemy, my enemy is not going to kill me. The DPO, the police station you burnt, DPO and everybody you killed, the police people you killed, don’t they have families? Is that #EndSARS demonstration? He thought he had already promised before this time that he is going to bring Biafra this year October, so he saw himself and Sowore now instigated this EndSARS something.  it started as a small demonstration, Sahara reporters amplified it, and started talking on it. Yes it’s a struggle for justice. Police brutality is wrong.  I’ve been arrested and detained 76 times in this country. The only time I was not arrested in this country from the time of IBB to now is during Goodluck Jonathan and this government. From Goodluck Jonathan to this government I have not been arrested. So I know what police harassment is. But police has never tortured or brutalized me, I’ve been lucky. Police will arrest me, enter here, you no go go here, enter, carry me, handcuff me, do this, but no police man has slapped me, heat me, or no SSS man has slapped me, hit me or done anything to me but I know what police and military harassment is. During this Wike election, because of Wike, they came to my house, pointed guns at me, I was living in my cousin’s house. They were hitting the door, bem bem bem, police, the people of this community rose up and came out, full force. At the end of the day, the army left, they took me home. I’ve been harassed, I’ve been intimidated, but nobody has tortured me, no person has brutalized me, no person has lifted a finger against me in my over 30years of being in and out of one detention center or the other, from my university days at the University of Calabar to date. So this is the only period, Goodluck period and now that they never arrested me, they harass me when they come, they say order from above, leave him, they will go after they do all the this thing they will go. I’ve been lucky but you know that when you are involved in a struggle like this, you might die, you might be maimed, your properties might be destroyed. So to say that, hei! what is happening they are committing genocide at Obigbo, they are doing this one, they are doing that one, when the people were doing these things at Oyigbo, what were those living in Oyigbo doing? Did they oppose them, did they come out? Yes, you don’t need to confront them, maybe they have arms, but the people can say we will not take this, the people can say so, but they did not do it, they kept quiet, they allowed them to continue in the evil that they were doing and that is what it is.

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