December 8, 2023

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2023 Presidency: Rivers People Speak On Wike, Amaechi’s Chances

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It is no longer news that Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike and his Ikwerre brother who now sees himself as an Igbo man, Rotimi Amaechi have declared their intention to contest the 2023 presidential election. And they are not joking about it at all. 

The duo are currently moving about, consulting and lobbying for support across the country. Back home in Rivers State, the people have stated their preference. They spoke to TNN’s GIFT EREBAH on the streets of Port Harcourt. 

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These were the responses:

Mr Raymond, political critic

I kind of love Wike because he’s raw and fearless. He’s got my style in a way where you get to do things without considering emotions. But his, is to the extreme.
An instance is, his vile or inhumane treatment of pensioners in the state. In as much as I understand his stand that the system is corrupt and people in the ministry are using that to sip the state, I feel his silence over the years is kind of worrisome.

I haven’t faulted Wike in any way, but I do not think he’s fully ready to lead Nigeria at this point. Like I said, he’s a favorite of mine, but I’d go with Amaechi any day.
To start with, both aspirants are my favourite come 2023. But if I’m to choose, I’d stick with Amaechi. Not because I benefited more during his serving years as the governor of the state, but cause he understands and believes in lifting people, which we all would admit is one of the core qualities of a true leader.

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He invested more on human development, conducted series of employments within the state and also made a room for free flow education system, the RSSDA.
My position about him is unchanged. He isn’t going to stop building as he’s been doing. More flyovers will be built. Though, I sense changes are going to be made as regard payment of pension which he hasn’t done since his inception, if I’m not mistaken.
Certain positive changes would occur. It’s election period, the masses’ time to smile to the bank. We hope for the very best.

Leesi Kpakol, political analyst
My interest is solid with Wike and PDP. He is the best because he tends to understand the rudiments that involve running a government. Wike can end the insecurity situation faced by this nation. He can manage the resources of Nigeria prudently.


He can develop the nation with quality project across board.
Both Ameachi and Wike have become governor of Rivers State. Wike’s government has addressed many Rivers problems than Ameachi did. Both of them have their capabilities, but Wike has more.


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David Lawrence, Accountant
I will vote for Amaechi and I will give my reasons
Amaechi is a better administrator, he knows how to bring people together , a better people manager, he is not as egocentric like Wike. Wike cannot do anything different, his still going to keep on being Wike.


Newjudgment Victor

Amaechi is not fair to the Ogonis but he’s a better leader, and I’ll want him to be the president, irrespective of the fact that he doesn’t want an Ogoni man as governor of the state.


Mr Boma Anthony Meeyima
If both of them get the ticket I will not support any of them. Both of them are failures.
So long as I’m concerned, I’m not expecting anything again from Wike.


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Tomcy Peters

Wike is the best choice amongst the two. Nothing much is expected from him again. He has already done his best, I think he will just use this one year to conclude all the ongoing projects in the state.


Mr Michael Amesi
Shuoooo, na Amaechi oo , come rain come shine. Tonye Cole for governor. He’s a man who will create wealth, unite Nigeria for this perilious time, run an inclusive government, recover our economy that has collapsed in the hands of PMB and so on, unlike Wike he counterpart. He is more capable and able than Wike. He is more presentable in the global community than Wike.

Amaechi deserves our suppport, he will do much more better, he is more than qualified, as a former governor, the records are there.
Let’s support Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi for president come 2023.
Amaechi will create wealth, he will surely unite Nigeria.

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