May 26, 2022

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Odili’s Betrayal Allegation: Amaechi Fires Back

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A former speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly and current minister of transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has denied ever betraying his former boss and godfather, Dr Peter Odili.

Amaechi who is currently canvassing for support across the country over his presidential ambition said he could not have betrayed Odili. He said it was sad for him to hear that Odili accused him of betrayal.

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In his book, Conscience and History, Odili had accused Amaechi of betraying him by going to court over the issue of his nomination as PDP candidate against his wish, and even plotting to rubbish his image and all that he ever achieved, through a panel set up after he became governor.

Amaechi’s position was made even before Odili’s book got into the public space. At a meeting with some of his political allies, Amaechi had explained why he did what he did. Contrary to what Odili wrote in his book, Amaechi said Odili actually encouraged him to go to court.

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“I hear people say that I betrayed Odili by not withdrawing the issue of my nomination as the PDP candidate. I feel very sad because I never betrayed the man and I have no room for betrayal in my dictionary. I will stand so till I die, even if I die out of poverty.”

‘’Before I went to court, I asked him, ‘Your excellency, do you want me to withdraw so that I won’t go to court?’ But he said no. I asked him four times and his answers were no. The last time I asked was the day I was leaving for Ghana and he still told me not to withdraw. I went to court out of Odili’s instruction.”

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Amaechi also stated that there was never a day Odili reached him on phone and asked him to withdraw and he refused. He said it was actually Odili that persuaded him to go to court and challenge his substitute, Celestine Omehia, only for Odili to turn back and accuse him of betrayal.

“The day I took the decision to go to court, no other person was there; it was only Dr. Odili and I. It was he Odili, who took me to Ghana in government private jet. If he wanted me to withdraw, he would have told me in the plane and I would have stopped. Odili asked me to go to court, and turned round to mastermind my difficulties, he added.

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Amaechi also revealed that as he left the government, Odili ensured that he went bankrupt by withholding all his allowances, all the money he was supposed to be paid and that all the properties they sold to him were confiscated. He said he didn’t have the money to pursue his case in the court, but that he was determined.

He recalled that while in Ghana, his former colleagues in the house of assembly which he headed as speaker was broken into two fractions, but that majority of the members were loyal to him.

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“They misunderstand our loyalty. They thought our loyalty was to the government or the party; they didn’t know most of my colleagues in the House were loyal to me because I led them correctly. When they broke the House into two fractions, we had the majority of 18, those 18 men contributed money for me to pursue my case. I am forever grateful to them.

“There was a day I was completely broke. I had no one kobo to pay my lawyers. Usually I do midnight prayer between 12 midnight to 1 a.m, and I asked God if He brought me this far to Ghana to suffer. At 12.30am, my tears were so much and I broke down and stopped. Just then, I opened my phone and saw a missed call.

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I called the man and he said he was in America but would get back to Nigeria in four days time and would pay some money into my account. He did, and I was able to pay the lawyers. Then after him, I got Chief Victor Odili (Peter Odili’s uncle) and he gave me 250,000 US Dollars. So if anyone can lay claim to suffer in the hands of Dr. Odili I will be the person to lay that claim because I suffered difficulties masterminded by him.”

Amaechi concluded by advocating for forgiveness, saying that he has completely forgiven everyone that wronged him, and pleaded with the people he had wronged to forgive him.
”Let us all forgive each other. Let us move this state forward,” he had said.

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