December 6, 2023

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APC’s Nomination Forms Chicken Change –Aspirant

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An aspirant for the Etche 11 seat in the Rivers State House of Assembly under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, David Oguzierem has said that the fees for nomination forms of the party is not as expensive as people think.

Oguzierem believes that the party ought to have made the fees higher, to show seriousness. He stated this following criticisms by some youth leaders who believe that the amount was deliberately fixed to scare aspirants, mostly youths, from contesting the elections.

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A youth leader in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Humphrey Irunda had asked recently: “Which youth in Rivers State, Nigeria as a whole can afford N100 million to pick presidential form, which, how many of us can even afford the least N2 million for that of house of assembly, not to talk of the 50 per cent discount for presidential form?

“APC is a joke. How will you be shouting give youths a chance, not too young to rule yet you close every possible avenue, opportunity that will allow the youths participate, get fully involved, my dear, I don’t want to talk, both APC, PDP, even Nigeria is a joke, form N100 million? Jesus Christ!”

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But Oguzierem said the presidential form sold for N100 million, governorship N50 million, senate N20million, house of representative N10 million, house of assembly 2 million naira should have been increased.

In this exclusive interview with TNN, he said “they need to increase it because we are not joking. They should have made that of presidential (form) 500 million, that of house of reps should be like N200 million, house of assembly should be like N10 million, governorship should be like N300 million.”


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Reacting to the concern that the amount has discouraged youths from picking the form, he said, “youths have 50 per cent discount, people with disability is free, women free, so that one is not a problem, but for people who have sound mind, go and work for money. If you’re a man and you don’t have money, will you marry a woman? Even though you have Aristotle kind of brain, you would go and make money to take care of your family. Politics is like a family, if you don’t have money, you forget about it, you get it?”

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