December 9, 2023

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Wike’s Moves To Employ 5000 Rivers Youths Looks Like Scam -Youth Leader

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A youth group in the oil rich Niger Delta region has called on the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike to empower youths of the state to prevent them from involvement in social vices.

Speaking under the aegis of Concerned Niger Delta youths, the group lamented that the high rate of unemployment in all the states of the region, and the federation at large was a major contributor to rising insecurity.

According to them, youths in the federation have taken to armed robbery, illegal bunkering, sea piracy, cybercrime, fraud, money ritual among other crimes, to survive the harsh economic situation of Nigeria.

Rivers 5000 Youth Recruitment Is No Scam –Youth Leader

The group leader, Mr. Mishael Echenda who spoke with TNN believed that though unemployment was not an excuse for crime, if the youths were gainfully employed, it would drastically reduce the increasing rate of criminality in the country.

According to him, “it is really pathetic, very sad that we the youth are the vehicle that drives politicians into offices, into a place of plenty; yet we die of starvation. During election, we support and carry their self-centered ambitions on our head, then after election they forget us, abandon the reason they were elected into offices, they forget up to the promises they made.

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“Rivers State governor, Wike is really trying, but we are begging him to consider the youths in his administration. This time last year, we were excited over Wike 5,000 youths employment, believing it was a Christmas gift but now, it is beginning to look like a scam.

“He is doing exceptionally well in terms of infrastructural development. Wike has given our state a face lift but na who chop dey buy car, na who get car go use flyover, Rivers people are in abject poverty, especially the youths. Wike has done completely nothing when it comes to the growth and development of youths of Rivers State.

“It’s unfortunate that politicians only see us as key during election, after election we become padlock (laughs).

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“Youths in the Niger Delta region should get of being used and dumped by politicians; they should sensitively start demanding their rights, stop being used by these self-centered politicians whose children do not attend same school, use same medical facilities, use same road.

Echenda added that “the youths are key to development, leaders of today and it is only wise that they realize this and treat themselves as such.  Let’s come together and kick against bad government, corrupt leaders and ensure we choose wisely, we deserve better than crumbs, but now, even the crumbs are nowhere to be found.”

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