February 24, 2024

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Rivers 5000 Youth Recruitment Is No Scam –Youth Leader

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The lingering 5000 youths’ recruitment, by the Rivers State government have continued to generate ripples, for some, it’s a complete scam, others claim candidates were already selected even before the exercise was made public, while there are a hand-full who are optimistic that soon the data compilation will be done with and eligible candidates will be contacted.
EDITH CHUKU spoke with the chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Obio/Akpor council, Comrade Chimenem Bobo Worlu. In this interview, he debunked the assertion that the 5000 recruitment of youths by the Rivers State Government is a scam, assuring that soon employment will commence. 


People say the recent plans to employ 5000 people in Rivers is a scam. As the youth leader of one of the most populated LGAs in the state, what should we believe in all of these assertions?
In respect to that, we want to really say to the general public that the 5000 recruitment of youths by the state government is not a scam, and can never be a scam. Our governor has been a man of his words, Chief. Barr Ezenwo Nyesom Wike has been a talk and do governor, he assured Rivers people of this job, and conducted a recruitment, and you know it has to do with data base, so, it will take a little time to compute this data base, put things in order so that candidates that are eligible to do these jobs will be contacted, and I know that that process is ongoing, so it’s not a scam and can never be a scam.

Someone said sooner than expected, and these youths are saying we are tired of expecting, now, you are saying it will take a little time, how long is this little?
In less than no time.

In less than no time is actually no time at all.
It’s not on my table, but I know that something is going on and they are about rounding up, so in less than no time people that are eligible will be called upon.

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Let’s say there is delay because. …
Not a delay. The process is ongoing, like I said, it’s data base, the process is ongoing, soon candidates will be contacted.

Is there anything like ‘special list for special candidates’?
Special list? Tell me about it.

There is this rumour that there is a special, separate list being compiled for relatives, friends and all of that.
(cuts in)Like you rightly asked and have answered, but let me add that it’s not just a rumour, it’s a makeup, you know makeup that you women do, it’s not real, not your real face, from what I know, there is nothing like that, though I’m just hearing this, but, there are things that if eventually you hear them you don’t even need to bother asking, you just throw it away but ensure it doesn’t fall where another ear will hear it. My dear, there is nothing like that.

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That you haven’t heard doesn’t make it a lie entirely, because some are saying that the public notice for the job was just for formality sake.
We vividly say that there is no atom of truth in that, so far, as much as I’m concerned as the youth council chairman of Obio/Akpor, NYCN I know fully well that no name has been released and there is no system of computing or compiling names, like they normally say, politically, no, the governor is a transparent man, a man of his word, just like what happened during the recruitment for UST job last year, it was same thing we heard but when the right time came those that were eligible, that were qualified for the job were shortlisted.
They have said 5000 and you and I know that more than 10 to 15,000 persons applied for this job, so, it will take them time to compile these lists, get people that are eligible for the job and give them the opportunity, so we still have faith.

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Theft, insecurity is on the rise, in the wee hours of yesterday, (Wednesday, February 24) hoodlums broke into a church and made away with their instrument. When apprehended they blame it on government, hunger, poverty. Do you think government is doing enough to eradicate these by ways of empowerment and job creation?
In respect to that, I will start by condemning the issue of youth involvement in social vices, I’m a youth, by God’s grace, I’m also a youth advocate in youth politics, I did not make it as a hobby nor source of income, you and I know that nothing comes out of it, irrespective of that I’m an engineer, and I go out daily, I don’t joke with my profession, I go out, source for job and deliver even as a government official, so when a youth is involved in social vices, taking hard drugs you discover that the person will lose focus and start doing things that are uncalled for, in terms of insecurity, the governor have done marvelously well, he tried in distributing vehicles, police vans and ammunitions to all police stations in Rivers State to fight insecurity, and security has to do with you and I, it starts with neighbourhood, so if a neighbor see what is wrong within the environment and refuse to alert security agencies then the hoodlums will take over the environment, so I think one thing we need to do to help the government, because government cannot do everything, the governor cannot be in his office and know that a shop is been robbed in a community, it’s those around that observe such that will signal the security agency, raise alarm by so doing everyone will be alert and the perpetrators will be brought to book.
We should have whistle in our house, these are apparatus, equipment that helps alert the neighbours that the environment is unsafe, is people can get whistles, horns, once such crime is about to be committed you alert other neighbours, people will come out and we can help fight insecurity in our own little corner.

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