December 6, 2023

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What If Your Mother In-Law Wants To Live With You?

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Have you ever thought of the possibility of having your mother-in-law as a neighbour? How would it feel? What would you do if you find yourself in that kind of situation?
TNN took to the streets to find out if daughter or son in-law would like their mother in-law to be their neighbour, or if they would want to live together in a family house.

A good number of the people who responded were of the view that they would not like to live in a family house, while others are of the opinion that they would like to live with their mother in-law and would like her to be their neighbour.

For example, Mrs. Better Mark said “if God helps me and I become a mother in-law, I will not stay with my daughter in-law because mother in-law cannot tolerate what your husband will tolerate. I am of the opinion that my mother in- law should not be my neighbour. I don’t even like to stay in a family house. I will advise sisters in-law not to join their mother because they will receive the same of what they have done. Mothers in law are the causes of a lot of divorce we have in our society today. Friendship is sweet when there is a distance.

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Mrs. Faith Igwe said “I would like my mother in-law to be my neigbour, I stay with my mother in-law in a family house and I have no issue with that because tomorrow I will be a mother in-law. My mother in-law has taught me so many things, how to live with my husband, how to take care of my children; she loves me and I love her too.

Mrs. Mary Ann Anosike had this to say: “I will be seeing her everyday; that respect will not be there. I don’t want any quarrel between my mother in –law and me because of no privacy. If she comes visiting, no problem but she will not exceed one week or two days. But for her to be close to me as a neighbour, I will not accept to stay in a family house unless she comes visiting for omugwo and she will not stay long, she will leave. Mother in-law relationship is sweet when there is distance; I prefer visiting my mother in-law from time to time than she coming to stay with me or being my neighbour so that there will be respect and peace. Mothers in-law have jealousy.

Mrs. Gift Woko: “I would like my mother in-law to be my neighbour, I will like to live with her. If she’s good or bad, she still remains my mother in-law. I will avoid those things that will bring problem for us not to quarrel or have issues. Its only daughters in-law that don’t know what they are doing that will hate their mother in-law or see her as a witch and will not like to stay with her.

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Mrs. Monica David: “Misunderstanding will come. I don’t want us to quarrel. I can’t stay in a family house. Who will you face? Is it sister in-law or mother in-law? I prefer to go and visit her.

Mrs. Blessing Michael: “In the scenario whereby my mother in-law loves her children very well and I marry her son, she will be so jealous and will want to know everything. If my husband buys me clothes or gives money for feeding, she will like to compare it to what her son is giving her as his mother. This can lead to envy or hatred. I can’t live in a family house or cope with my mother in-law for one year.

Mr. Nelson Emmanuel: “My mother in-law can come to my house for a visit but not to live with me in my house. I would not want any third party in my marriage; so I have to avoid it by keeping my distance with my mother in-law and other family members, including my mother.”

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