December 9, 2023

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Sermon: Do Not Do Burial With Your Divine Ability

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Apostle Elman Thompson

Text: Matthew 25:14  2Timothy 19:24  Numbers 14: 26  2Samuel 19:26

No man on earth was created empty, none, not even the one that the entire universe has written off, that one people call useless, that one you call a vagabond, that boy, that girl in your neighbourhood that people have warned that children not to associate with, see, as long as you are born into this earth, there is something remarkable, useful, unique, authentic, good about you.

Everyone born on earth has a mission, a vision, a purpose, a calling, and all these are achieved by the manifestation of your divine ability, tell yourself my divine ability. Every good and perfect quality that a person requires to impact himself, his family, his church, his nation positively was imbedded in him, lavished on him, showered on all by our most merciful father, God Almighty.

School is very essential, it’s a veritable tool, but for you who have not even gone to school at all, you have never seen nor entered the four walls of even a primary school, know this, hear this, you also have been given a talent, according to your ability, as you can handle. To everyone, according to their ability; to the men, to the women, to the children.

Everyone here, listen by this scripture God is affirming, saying that He has given you abilities, so, don’t excuse yourself, you have talents, you have abilities, you have something unique that makes you exceptionally special and different, and excusing yourself is making God a liar, and the case of the servant in Matthew 25: 14-30 is the punishment awaiting such persons.

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To everyone, not some, someone has abilities, my own ability is not your ability, yours isn’t mine, God gave according to the status of your life. It is the ability that is inside you that God sees and gives you talent accordingly, that same ability is what you use to maintain the talent, the gift of God in your life.

Whether you are called disabled or not, when the fullness of time comes you will give account of how you used the talent, ability given to you by God. Our problem is excuses and that is the number one quality of a lazy man, he always fights, quarrels with his tools.

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What excuse have you been giving, God that gave you the talent, has all it takes and more to equip you into achieving it, ask Him, you have no excuse to give. Read 2Samuel chapter Numbers 19:24, again read Numbers 14:38.

Don’t murmur, don’t envy anyone, don’t wish to be like anybody, don’t compare yourself either to anyone, start digging deep, deep into yourself, you will find better gold that you are yet to mine.

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Dear Family of God, to one our heavenly father gave five, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability, everyone have received talents from Jesus.

God gave you talents to benefit yourself, your family, your neighbours, the church, mankind. We’re all a part of the body of Christ, and each part matters. There are no insignificant people in the family of God. You are shaped to serve God, and He is urging you to use the talents He gave you.

Let’s meet again next edition, I remain your humble servant, Apostle Elman Thompson.


* Apostle Elman Thompson of Finger Of Evidence Int’l Church, Eneka, Port Harcourt

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