July 13, 2024

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Prince Otu, Ayade’s Best Gift to C’River  -APC Chieftain

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A chieftain of the APC and former vice chairman, central zone, of the party, Vodina Enya, believes that Otu is Ayade’s best gift to the state and should be supported to win the election.




Enya said in an interview with TNN that Otu will do well as governor. He said Ayade’s loss during the last election was a huge shock to him.



As Tension Rises in Bayelsa Over New Naira, Govt Wades in



“I have not come to terms with what actually played out from that axis. As I speak, I am yet to come to terms with what actually transpired because it’s still a rude shock to me.  In general terms, APC did very well in Cross River, capturing two out of the three Senatorial seats and then seven out of the eight House of Representatives seats, indeed it was a good outing.


Good outing especially when you compare this performance to our previous outing in 2019, when we had one man winning his election in the entire state, I mean Dr. Alex Egbona who won his election to the House of Representatives; it was historic, miraculous and landmark victory. So comparatively, I can say this is a geometrical improvement from our previous outing in 2019.”



As Tension Rises in Bayelsa Over New Naira, Govt Wades in



This is how the interview ran, in parts:

But most people actually believe that Ayade deserved to lose because of what people call his abysmal performance as governor.

I don’t understand what you mean by abysmal performance. His Excellency Prof. Ben Ayade has done his best in Cross River, especially considering the lean resources that he had at his disposal.


Jubilation As Egbona Wins Second Term Election


In spite of that, he still attracted so many projects to the state. That aside, Ayade remains one of the governors in Nigeria that has not owed salary; his food on the table policy had taken so many Cross Rivarians from the unemployment chat. Prof. Ben. Ayade is a welfarist and I think posterity will surely be kind to him as this assertion in a true reflection of what’s on ground in Cross River.


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With what happened in the north, what are your fears, as the next election comes?

I have no fears what so ever that we will win the next election even in the northern axis of the state. Prince Bassey Edet Otu, our Sweet Prince is a household name in Cross River. He has the good will of more than 80 per cent of the electorate in Cross River. I have always told people and I say it here again for the record purpose that, one of the greatest legacy His Excellency Prof. Ben. Ayade will bequeath to Cross River is giving us Prince Otu. Prince is the man of the moment. You will see how the voting pattern will go in the next Saturday election. The gap between APC and the other party will be so unimaginable, Prince will definitely win, I have no doubt in my mind because that is a done deal, I am not saying that we should go to bed, we are still working and we will work until the final result is announced.


Guber Race: I’m Not Desperate To Become Governor -YPP Candidate


Obi Expected in Calabar this week

To firm up his endorsement of Onor ahead of Saturday’s election, Obi is being expected in Calabar this week, to crown his support at a public event.

It was learnt that a former governor in the state was already in touch with Obi on the visit.

If Obi visits, he will be expected to publicly and physically talk his followers to give their support to Onor, the PDP candidate.

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