May 17, 2022

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Joseph Mbu: Never Tired As A Peace Maker

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This opinion piece by Pat Mgbe is published unedited 

Actually AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu, an astute Senior police officer, who today name rings a bell happened to be actually one who never got tired as a peace maker, but who has been misconstrued by most persons, who don’t know much about him in profile.

This time the retired senior officer who got retired since 2016 and has all through never relented also in his efforts, for what he knows doing best, such as wading into most communities crisis as to have restore peace. Hence one was not surprised when heard quickly had stepped into one of the crises, that would have raised war between the peoples of Biajua in Boki Local Government and of the Abia, in Etung Local Government, sharing the same boundary both of which are of central Cross River State, always bothering on about farm land matters, which suddenly came up again, on the month of April early last year, that would had claimed most of the lives of innocent citizens, but for his quick intervention on both sides, he also happened to have come from.

The AIG Mbu, who might had telescoped then the danger ahead, never took it lightly as on his usual lexicon way of approach to things quickly had held different meetings with the royal fathers from the both sides, with their subjects who from the two different communities involved and advised them, to have drop their weapons and rather embraced peace with one another, for they are all brothers and sisters of same blood flow and colour, hence such evil act, would not be leading a good epitaph or legacy, which commentary when after them, to on coming generations to emulate even of got engaged on war lips of attrition he reiterated.

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Learnt AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu, departed FCT Abuja instantly by taking a flight the next day, despite been also crowded with other enormous piled up gamut’s of issues, which of equally for him to solve, but rather shifted that aside, just as for him to attend first the case of his kinsmen, when this sad news got to him on phone. He told both communities closed to tears, when for the peace talk hall meetings, which he advised and I quote “when next time, each to the different communities have hear of such war of lips attrition, should not begin to build cathedral first out of it, but rather should have to re investigate, first of its source of gathered authentification and have next contact any of the nearby law enforcement agents and even then, should still have to police their anger as to have avoid violence, for am doing this just for the sake of passion for my people and the country at large” After the pastoral kind of speech, each of the spoke persons for the separate communities applauded him with encomiums of joy and songs of praises, thanking him mostly for finding time and considering his people also worthy of note at heart, to meet here discussed with unlike other persons of his position, who wouldn’t had splitted such time to come and deliberate with them on one on one. And that they are going to also have relay this same peace of talk town hall meeting, which of dialogue to others for who happened not to have been present, probably for consequential contretemps.

He of course, the same AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu, has in the past done same severally, since he got retired from service to other places by wading into even such vices, like stoppage of cultism and cases of Jacobins and other similar conflicts by advising them also to distant themselves from such as killings and kidnapping, there withal other also related violent.
Today he is highly had accorded respect from his people, where ever he enters as his kinsmen today have started observing peace, been restored abysmally all over that which before then, was not, instead has been that of unabated cases of lined up crisis of violence, particularly that of cultism and kidnapping-gbosa among the youths.

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Little wonder when he was still in active service in Port-harcourt Rivers State to be precised, a renowned social critic of international repute and quintessential also academic colossus and laureate prize winner of 1986 in person of professor Wole Soyinka, has at one time recommended this same AIG Mbu to president Muhammed Buhari to have send AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu to Sambisia forest war zone, which was turbulent then in Bornu State to have take over quickly from the soldiers who at one time, always been flawed by the so called muslem fanatics a.k.a Boko Haram, in the popular lingo noted at that time, for poor performance competence from the military tactics then.

Meaning again here that, the retired AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu is a courageous officer
But this again might interest you most which as to re-examined properly here again about the man AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu, even when right as a youth and student 41 years then ago on about how he did showered equally passion and compassion on fellow human beings.

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This of course was direct beneficiary when 41 years ago, at about 1981 to be précised, when he was even then a youth and a student at the famous university of Lagos Akoka, Unilag, Lagos State as a student of political science while I was a final year student at the institute of management and Business Administration Uyo, then Cross River State , now Akwa Ibom, where I studied for an external examination, which of famous CAM foundation London UK, happened to be constituent of mass communication, hence when I came to seat for my final then external examination, which centre granted for in Nigeria, was Obare Institute of management Ketu Lagos, for the exams but when at place on a Friday June 1981, haven travelled that far from Ikom Cross River State in anticipation for the exams and had wanted to carry out some further findings as regards to the external examinations, which to commence on Tuesday of the following week and was surprised to had found or discovered a sudden increase of fee surcharge for those who penciled over there for the exams also on other courses.

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Yes that was AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu again for you and even as surprised that has never for once reminded even when both tumbled into each other when he was then posted to Zaria Kaduna State in the early 90s, hence epitomizes here again above all on exactly who true AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu happened to be, but who has remained to be misconstrued for who knows not much about him in profile simply because of poverty knowledge and should hence forth seize forth wit to continue.

For imagine again then that surprised or has added another feather to his magnimity of kindness of his always kind of person, when had hosted this  \time of Etung people from far and near at his Etung country home, when as to celebrate the just concluded last Christmas and 1st Jan new year on Friday January 21,2022, which was not around while then the festive periods, he did this as show of appreciation as one who always by his side of kinsmen. That is AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu really for you.
*Mgbe sent this unedited opinion from Cross River State. He takes responsibility for the contents and grammer.

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