June 13, 2024

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Group Intervenes To End C’River LG Assembly Crisis

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Chiemeka ADINDU, Calabar

The crisis rocking the Odukpani legislative arm of the government may soon end, following the intervention of the Odukpani Leadership Academy, OLA.
The group had begun an intervention process to ensure that peace is restored in the house. The academy in response to the crisis set up a 5- man committee to address the issues raising dust in the house.
In an interview with TNN, Chairman of the academy, Kingsley Ikpeme disclosed that both house members belonged to the academy.
He said the leadership had always desired to ensure that peace reigned supreme in the local government, no matter those involved.

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He said: “The both actors are members of Odukpani Leadership Academy so when we got the news we set up a fact finding committee to look into the matter. Again it has to do with the legislature, so we are not part of the legislature but, we can mediate, we can come in for peace because at times, if these issues are not handled in a civilized way it would be misinterpreted and hijacked. There are people that are waiting for situations like this to hijack and to indulge in illegality and crime.
“So we thought it wise that we should immediately step in and talk to the youths out there who have been privileged to touch the four walls of education so let’s be able to nip it in the bud so that it will not be misconstrued by other youths who have not been privileged to have been exposed.

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“We cannot say, okay come back as a leader, no we don’t that right but at least we can put things across to you and say even as it has happened, it is purely a legislative affair but let’s resolve it amicably because there’s life after politics. Outside the legislative chambers there is life after so that’s why we thought it wise to bring in peace, law and order. So we set a committee and the committee made a resolution which was adopted by the house. So far so good there’s peace and order, there’s no issues, things have returned to normalcy”.
Meanwhile, the impeached leader, God’swill Iya has insisted that the five count charges against him were not true. He however told TNN that he was not disposed to grant any further interview.

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