June 13, 2024

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Something Strange Happened Before Nkanga Died, Says 93-Year Old Dad

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Udeme UTIP, Uyo

The father of Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga, Chief Okon Nkanga has said that he may not be able to recover from the shock that gripped him after the death of his son and former military administrator of Akwa Ibom State.
Pa Nkanga, 93, who is also the village head of Ikot Nya, Nsit Ibom Local Government Area told TNN during a visit to the village that the death of his son will remain a nightmare to him till the end of his life on earth.


Recounting the circumstances that led to the death of his son, he said: “For the decades now, since my son was the military administrator till December 2020, whenever he comes in with his entourage, he will come to my house to greet me and ask how I’m faring before proceeding to his apartment upstairs.
“I noticed something different on 25th of December when I saw his entourage. He did not come to greet me. Rather, it was his wife that came in to greet me and when I asked the whereabouts of my son, she told me he had fever and was resting.

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“The next day, when he didn’t come to see me, I suspected all was not well. I demanded to see him. I was led upstairs. I sat in the dining. To my greatest surprise, two of his aides held him to sit in front of me. He could not talk to me. No one was able to tell me what the problem was but I knew all was not well. I told them to take him in to rest.
“In the evening of the same day, he was taken to the Specialist Hospital. I did not hear from anybody again. The next day, I saw cars drove in with his wife and aides, my son was not among.

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“People dressed in white and how I can’t really explain, came in. All the people who were there when Idongesit was brought in, were traced and brought in from the village and the surroundings. Tests were conducted. Everybody was said to have tested positive of Covid-19 except myself and one other Chief.
“Everybody who tested positive were taken to the isolation centre including my son’s wife,” Nkanga’s father was sobbing as he spoke about his son’s last days on earth.
The funeral in honour of the first indigenous governor of the state has been slated for February 06 2021.

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