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Gospel Artiste Involved In Fatal Accident Still In Agony After Discovering His Drummer Died Just Before Their Appointment To Perform In Church

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December 23, 2020 will remain ineffaceable in the mind of fast rising gospel music artiste, Albert Ekpo, his family and fans, following an unfortunate ghastly motor accident that happened that day. While he was left unconscious for days, his friend, who happened to be his drummer lost his life on the spot.
Waiting to be discharged from the hospital, the Port Harcourt based music stunt, spoke with EDITH CHUKU in this exclusive interview.


What really happened to you?
It was on the 23rd December 2020. I was invited to minister in a church in Akpabuyo Local Government, Cross River State. While walking down to the church with my team, a car hit us from behind.

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When you say ‘us’, who else was with you?
We were three; myself, a keyboardist, Mr. Godswill, and drummer, Mr. Kingsley.

Hope they survived too?
(tears) my drummer died at the spot (sobs). Yes, my friend, brother, backbone, a jolly good fellow, hmm! a huge support to me died that day, without a word, not even a goodbye, he left us without a goodbye, (tears).

And the keyboardist?
He is fine, very fine. My keyboardist didn’t sustain any injury; the vehicle didn’t get to him.

While you were still on the ground after you were hit, what kind of thoughts did you have?
Fortunately, there was none, I am also wondering what those thoughts would have been, but there was none because I was unconscious. I was unconscious till the next day.

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When you regained consciousness, what was your first reaction?
(smile) A very funny one. I didn’t know what happened, the first thing I asked my sister was; how was my performance, hope it went well. I didn’t even know that I didn’t get to the church at all. My leg was broken, with several wounds. According to my kid sister, I was rushed to the hospital that night, immediately, they administered injections and drips and all of that. My hand had stitches, but I didn’t know, it was the next day, when I finally regained consciousness that I started recalling gradually what happened.

Why do you think you survived?
Hmm! It’s like a close to death experience, it was indeed a deep sleep. There is only one why, what, who that I know. Why I survived, who made me survive, or what made me survive, and I know that you know that too. It’s Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my negotiator.

I didn’t even know what happened, I was only told about the accident, the wounds, pain, broken leg were what made me believe, I didn’t know what really happened.

What’s the most painful of this experience?
My friend’s demise. I wish till tomorrow that he is here. Then, when I asked about my friends, they told me they were fine, they lied to me because of my condition then, but that lie of they are fine gave me a hug relief, I didn’t know only one was fine. It was when I was taken to a bone specialist hospital, after two days that I was told that my drummer died. I wept a lot, so much because he was a great backbone to me.

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Were you scared during that period?
So much happened within me that I rather not talk about. After a while I was thinking what if I had died and left tears in the eyes of my family and friends, left them broken, shattered. In all, I saw God’s grace, His grace covered deeply because I didn’t deserve it at all.

When will you be leaving the hospital?
I have actually been discharged, but I can’t leave until we pay the balance of N60,000 remaining for my hospital bill. My parents were yet to recover from the COVID-19, when this happened; they’ve spent everything, took help from where they could get help, they’ve spent a lot, their effort and that of my relations, church and friends kept me alive. If you check Facebook, you will notice that some persons are seeking help for my sake.
I want to go home, it’s been a month and two weeks of sitting at a point with my legs all tied with bandage, but now I can walk by myself though not perfectly; but glory to God.

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After the hospital, what next?
Sincerely, amidst all of this, I feel blessed, saved by grace. The music industry has been amazing. God has been helping us so much. First, will be my thanksgiving service, followed by a mega concert.

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