December 8, 2023

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Ayade: After Me, God will Bring a Tough Governor For Cross Riverians

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Godwin Ajom, Calabar


Governor Benedict Ayade of Cross River State has said that since the people do not appreciate his soft heartedness God will bring a tough person to govern them from 2023.

The governor said “in this same state, tomorrow every body is going to get December salary. This will make it my sixth year without owing salary.

“Because I come from a circumstance and background that is very humble, I understand that salary is like a billion dollars to a civil servant and his wife and children; so I place a premium on it.

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“I will rather give my one eyes for peoples salary, that is why I was so heart broken when labour went on strike. Sometimes in life, you begin to imagine…I think society does not need a soft hearted person. They need somebody who is stiff difficult and God will give them somebody who will meet them with their style.

“We are building a 27 megawatts power plant in Tinapa, I went for the inspection oversees and I was told that oh, Ayade had a brain tumour; that is why he went.

” We can’t continue like this, you blackmail this governor just to make money.

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“It becomes somehow a trade , such that young people are now being trained on this blackmail journalism, I think it is your responsibility as a chapel, to come together and say no to anybody who is blackmailing this state.


” In the last six years plus, I don’t think I have ever slept five hours in day, so it is your duty to educate the people, you are the moral conscience, your story would overshadow any person’s story, you have all the newspapers you have all the news agencies at your finger tips, you just need to come together.

“We had started this good relationship in 2016, until somebody came and started asking questions that are unacceptable and I closed that palace. In the spirit of the season and forgiveness, I have forgiven.

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“So, I do forgive, so that there is a strong relationship between yourselves and I. It is your job to educate Cross Riverians sometimes, they don’t even know.

“If you alone can stand with me, I don’t care about what others say, that is the essence of this meeting.”

In his closing remarks, the chairman Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ Cross River State chapter said “I can’t thank his Excellency enough, for bringing us here today, I was not expecting it, that his Excellency can think about us higher than every other group in his list, is something we should be greatful about and take seriously.

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“I want to say that, we will not disappoint his Excellency. Agreed that we have done what we should not do, we are part and passel of this government,” he said.

The governor immediately left the venue of the meeting few minutes after his address to the media practitioners without taking any questions.

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