December 9, 2023

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After EndSARS, C’River Agency Soars

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Godwin AJOM, Calabar

Fourteen months after the wanton destruction and looting that brought the Cross River Basin Development Authority CRBDA to its knees, the establishment seem to be soaring than contemplated, before the tragic nationwide EndSARS protest erupted of October, 2020.

This was observed during a facility tour, project assessment and site evaluation carried out by a team of  journalists, accompanied by the management team at the CRBDA office in Calabar.

According to the public relations officer, Mr Jackson John, “you will not even see the scare, because the improvement we have now is far better than what we had before the EndSARS.  All the green houses were destroyed and all our birds taken away, but as we speak now, we have stocked them.

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“Before the EndSARS, we had about 5,000 birds, but now we have capacity for about 10,000, both broilers and layers. Before the protest, we were working on a dript irrigation system, but the protest disrupted the entire activity and most of the things(facilities) were vandalized but we are still bringing them back, so soon our irrigation system will be back,” he explained.

“What we have here is a miniature Songhai integrated farm, where you have one section being an input for the other.  For instance, the waist from the poultry becomes an input fertilizer for the crops.  The exchange of water from the earth pounds is also used as irritation for the crops.

“The waist leaves after harvesting are feed to Pigs, so it is a closed loop system whereby, everything just goes within our circle, so what we have here is a little system of such  that you can model and blow it up.

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Also speaking, Mr Ayuk Edwin, one of the experts also explained that “it is a system of Zeri concept. ,(Zero emissions research initiative).  When you have a land, you have to look at the cooperative advantage of that land. If you look at this area it is very hilly, so just concrete ponds  will not be nice.  And fishes batter grow up in their natural environments.  So we are by the earth pounds trying to  create an environment that the fishes are better adapted to.

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