July 19, 2024

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Man Seeks Justice For Children Allegedly Killed By Taskforce In Rivers

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Father of three years old Joshua Opikhara, and one year old Hiphzibah Opikhara, who were allegedly killed in an auto crash has called on the Rivers State government, security agencies and the general public to ensure that the killers of his children are arrested and brought to book.

Mr. Segun Opikhara, an Edo State indigene who resides in Rivers State told newsmen that since the unfortunate murder of his two children, by alleged members of the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area taskforce, that no progress has been made to apprehend the driver of the said minibus that ran over and killed his children.

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Opikhara who is still highly traumatized by the pathetic incident which took place on Monday, 13th December, 2021, said, “I am Mr Segun Opikhara, I am the father of the children that were killed by a bus, mini bus, that was chasing another bus and we find out from the findings that these are Obio/Akpor taskforce and they were chasing another bus, and where my children were standing by the road side, watching their right direction to cross, an unknown motor just came and hit them where they were standing.

“The mini bus that is carrying four Obio/ Akpor task force. This was how my children were killed, I was in the office when I was called, so before I will rush down, my daughter is already gone, and I had to rush, not believing, rush her to the clinic and all that, before I know what is happening, my son also was in various hospitals, take him to various hospital and yet he was unable to get himself, he died the next day, that is on Tuesday night.

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“I’m appealing to the government to the police, and to the task force, for them to fish out these murderers of my beloved children, please, all the public, wherever, how you can help me to fish out these people because they are not yet brin ging out these people, I’ve not seen anybody, today is making it..

“Yes, one of them were arrested, one of the taskforce  were arrested  and the bus and they are in Miniokoro police station in Port Harcourt, where they arrested them.

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“My kids are, one of them is a male, the male is three and two months old, three years and two months old, while my daughter is a year and six months old, please I am begging the public, please come and help me out, I am in distress, I really need help at this moment.

“I have reported to the police and the case was first of all captured and taking to, presently now it is in Miniokoro police station in Port Harcourt, yes. The feedback is, we’ve not be able to see the right person that was driving the car that hit my children and killed them and go scot-free, he is still running, where nobody can see, but I promise that the innocent blood of these children will everly fight, the innocent children, their blood will avenge for them.”

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