January 21, 2022

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Explosion from ‘Kpofire’ Destroys Property In Rivers

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Last weekend was disheartening for residents of Omuadni community in Elele Alimini of Emohua local government area of Rivers State following a fire outbreak which destroyed property worth millions of naira in the area.

The fire incident which razed over four shops and some apartments was said to have been caused by a bus which was allegedly carrying illegally refined crude oil popularly known as “kpofire”. According to the residents, the incident was noticed around 12am midnight last Saturday.

Though, the identity and where about of the driver of the bus is still unknown, it is believed that he fled the scene immediately the vehicle exploded.

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Among the shops destroyed by the ghastly fire outbreak is a mobile banking shop, known as the highest banking shop in Elele Alimini, whose owner was said to have stocked hug sum of money in his shop. The residents expressed relief as no life was lost.

Speaking with TNN in an interview, Mr. Peter Chucks Onuoha who confirmed the unfortunate incident said, “yes, it really happened, if you go to my wall on facebook, you will see where I posted the pictures of that environment, it happened, the car was burnt to ashes, the two buildings opposite, the four lock up stores were burnt down, but no life was lost.

“This thing happened around midnight. The issue is that they said the bus broke down, and the driver and the conductor came out to find out what the problem was, and within a twinkle of an eye, they saw fire, but right now as I speak with you, the driver and the owner of the market is nowhere to be found, nobody is identifying that I am the owner of the vehicle, uptil now, no proper investigation has been done to know why the fire, whether it was from leakage or from the battery head, nobody has ascertained that.

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“Properties worth of millions is been destroyed, and one of the shops there is a mobile banking shop, which the boy that owns the shop stock money there, that’s the highest mobile banking in Elele Alimini, and we have consoled him, that money can go since he is alive.”

Describing the incident, Mr. Onuoha said, “I feel very sad, just that there is nothing we can do, our government is not helping us, how I wish they will call on these boys that are doing this bunkery to educate them more, so we have internal refinery. Well, I know it’s a very sad story, government is not doing anything, so, I don’t know what to say about it.”

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