December 9, 2023

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With Jarigbe In Senate, PDP Now Set To Take C’River –Senator

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The coast is now clear for the PDP to take back power in all parts of Cross River State, having effectively captured all the three senatorial district seats in the senate, says Senator Sandy Onor.

Onor who represents Cross River Central District in the senate said at an event to mark the inauguration of Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe as senator, after a long drawn legal and electoral battle, that the state was now ripe for take- over by the PDP.

Onor, a professor and former commissioner in the state he was glad that Jarigbe did not give up the struggle midway, despite the oddities.

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“When we started this struggle, I had cause to call Jarigbe one evening and I asked him if he was ready for this adventure. I wanted to know because the Bible says that he who puts his hand upon the plough should not turn back, if he is deserving of the kingdom of God.

“And so I asked Jarigbe, ‘are you sure you want to be part of this process, do you truly want to be senator?’ He said ‘yes.’ I said ‘nooooo, that’s not right; the answer is too impulsive, please discuss with your wife, calm down and let us know in the morning if you are truly ready.’

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“Before I woke up, Jarigbe had called me to say ‘we die here. We need to emancipate our people, enough of the lies and the misleading, we need to empower our people, I’m in this for real and we are going to run it to the end.’

“Jarigbe is a great guy, he is a round peg in a round hole, Jarigbe has the kind of audacity that I like, Jarigbe is proactive, visionary and connected to the people. Jarigbe is a real man. It is often said follow who sabi road.  Jarigbe sabi road.

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“So we want to assure all of you seated here that the days ahead are going to be interesting for Cross River. If you want light for Cross River follow those who tell the truth, and those who tell the truth are here, we are going to tell the truth until we deliver Cross River from the clutches of the agents of darkness.

“Our State deserves better and we know that with you and the support that you have given us, and with God’s grace upon us leading us through, 2023 shall be a new song for our people, God bless all of you, thank you very much.”

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