July 13, 2024

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We Won’t Forfeit Our 24 Months Salary, C’River Magistrates Insist

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Chiemeka ADINDU, Calabar

Cross River state magistrates who were recently suspended from sitting in Court due to the inability of the state government to pay their salaries have reiterated that they will never forfeit their salaries.

In a release signed by coordinators of the group,  Solomon Abuo and
Arit Edem, and disclosed to TNN they warned the public to disregard any contrary information. He said they have not and are not willing to forfeit the salaries.

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“It has been brought to our notice that  a colleague of ours in collusion with the Attorney-General of our State is scheming to write a letter with the name of at least 20 of us and send same to the Governor as representing those who have accepted to forfeit their 2 years salaries.

“We wish to set the records straight by stating that, on Tuesday, 19/1/2021, we held an emergency meeting where we resolved that we were not going to forfeit our 24 months salaries as proposed by the Attorney-General.

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“Sequel to this, we wrote a letter dated 19/1/2021 to the Governor through the Attorney-General where we clearly refused to accede to that request but rather, stated inter alia as follows: “…Your Excellency, nevertheless, we are open to accept a one (1) year lump sum payment and thereafter, the balance could be staggard in subsequent months.” However, the Attorney-General refused to receive and transmit this letter to the Governor.

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“Thus, we are by this press release notifying the press & the general public to disregard any statement or documents expressing a different position from that which we hold unless it is duly signed by my humble self and/or my colleague, Arit Edem, Esq, the only recognized representatives of the 29 Magistrates appointed from the private Bar in February 2019. ” the statement reads.

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