October 1, 2023

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Those Attacks On Lulu-Briggs, APC Rally In Rivers

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With a few weeks to the much awaited 2023 general elections, the political climate in Rivers State is not looking good at all. Every other day, there are talks about attacks, politically motivated attacks that is.



While some of the attacks are actually verbal, especially during campaigns, others have gone so bad that lives are being threatened. Take the recent bomb explosion at a rally organised by the state chapter of the APC for instance.
That happened on January 19. There were also reports of gun shots and at the end of the day, some persons were injured. They are still receiving medical attention.



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Before that attack, in November last year, the governorship candidate of the SDP, Senator Magnus Abe was attacked while campaigning in Oyigbo Local Government. Abe screamed about the attack thereafter, calling on security agencies to wade into the issue. There is no information yet from those agencies to show if suspects have been apprehended.



Just when Rivers people were still brooding over these, the governorship candidate of the Accord Party, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, got his own share. His attackers rained bullets on his vehicles as he was campaigning. Expectedly, the victims have pointed accusing fingers at a certain political party. The political party has equally denied sponsoring the attacks.


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While the back and forth is going on, there is panic in the land. Those that are supposed to go out and vote for candidates of their choice are already getting scared of what tomorrow holds.
Also, there is the general fear, especially in political circles, of possible attacks should they go out to campaign.




This is a great concern. It is worrisome because the state government and the police have always assured the people of either ensuring an enabling environment for all political parties to operate. However, what is going on now does not show that those promises are being kept.


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We are quick to call on the state government to arise and make sure that the citizens are protected even at this time of political activities. This is what the government owes the citizens. No matter what the government thinks it has done in terms of projects, if the human beings are not or do not feel safe, then everything is rubbish.


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Security operatives also need to be on top of their game. If they do not and cannot check the growing hostilities in the state before the elections begin in earnest, then we can be sure that hoodlums may derail the entire processes.
We urge all those in authority to come together and check the rising cases of violent attacks in the state. We cannot afford to live with this madness.

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