February 24, 2024

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Rivers Native Sends SOS To CP Over OSPAC’s Harassments

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Following the alleged detention of one Mr. Goodluck Ekwe, by the One-Stop Public Assistance Center, OSPAC in Rumuekpe community of Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, a resident has sent a Save Our Soul message to the state commissioner of police.

The resident who spoke on ground of anonymity has called on the Rivers State commissioner of police, CP Joseph Mukan to come to the aid of the people of Rumuekpe.
According to him, “I am a concerned citizen of Nigeria, Rivers State, I want to call on the commissioner of police, Rivers State, CP Joseph Mukan to come to the aid of the good people of Rumuekpe from the OSPAC members that has been intimidating and harassing the good people of Rumuekpe community.


“Mr. Goodluck Ekwe who took the victim Mr. Gabriel Jeremiah Wisdom that was butchered by the OSPAC member known as Obiri Ndubuisi aka ‘money die’ on the 22nd of January 2021 to the hospital and was recommended to get a medical report from the police, yesterday, has been detained by the OSPAC members in the community, reason being that he assisted the 19-year-old boy to the police station at Rumuji station to get an official report from the police about what happened in the community.”

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He noted that the chief and elders of the community have not spoken up for fear of losing their lives.
He added: “It has reached to the stage where the chief and elders in the community are been afraid to speak out the truth and to stand for this injustice and fight for the good people of Rumuekpe community based on the influence of the OSPAC members that they will come around to kill them if they speak the truth.”

“So, I’m calling on the commissioner of police to please come to the aid of the people of Rumuekpe community to avoid further crisis in the community.
“To get the whole story straight you can go to the community ask the chiefs and elders and the youths, the elderly ones, the women in the community, ask them these questions, what is happening in the community, they will tell you exactly what is happening, what I am telling you is a real fact for benefit of those people.”

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In another similar development, a man who identified himself as Mr. Clifford Woko has accused the local vigilante, OSPAC in Rumulomeni of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State of inflicting machete wounds on him.
According to Woko, he got a call from the engineer of a building site in his care, that some persons are in the site demanding for marching ground levy, which he described as illegal fee.
He claimed that when he got to the site, he met some OSPAC members, adding that they pounced on him, inflicting bruises, immediately he told them that the Rivers State Government had abolished marching ground fees.

Woko further alleged that he was forced into the OSPAC vehicle and taken to their office where he was tied, detained and tortured for hours with machete cuts, before his release.
While calling on the public to assist him get justice on the matter, he alleged that his life was still in danger due to a purported threat from OSPAC.

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But Mr. Kenneth Olumeni, the OSPAC leader in Rumuolumeni who is also the Chief Security Officer of Rumuolomeni in his reaction denied collecting marching’ ground fee, stating that the only fee OSPAC collects is security fee.
He alleged that OSPAC members got information that Clifford and his ‘gang of notorious cultists’ forcefully collected one hundred and twenty thousand naira from a land developer in the area.
Olumeni said on getting there, Clifford and his members allegedly attacked OSPAC members who reiterated and mobilized back to the site and apprehended Mr. Clifford and took him to OSPAC office.
He purported that he was not at the site as claimed by Clifford, adding that he came back to the office when he heard that Clifford had been apprehended, and on arrival, directed that Clifford should be released.

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