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Presidency: Opposition Mounts Against Udom, Akpabio

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The two presidential aspirants from Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Akpabio and Deacon Udom Emmanuel may be facing a serious opposition back home. While Udom has already obtained his nomination form from the PDP, Akpabio is just making public his intention to contest and yet to procure the APC nomination form.

But critics have said that the duo would be a hard sale. From Akwa Ibom, a critic has written an open letter to the governor, accusing him of failing to reward all those who made sacrifices to take him to where he is today.

And from the Niger Delta, Mr Saviour Oscar, national president of the South South Youth Initiative says Akpabio ought not to have sought the people’s mandate to become president, having failed to run the affairs of the NDDC successfully.

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In the open letter, Mr Idorenyin Umana said: “Your Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, I am Idorenyin Umana from Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area. I have written three open letters to you between 2015 and today, and this is the fourth one.

Let me see if I can remember the captions of the last three letters because they were not ordinary, but they came in the middle of the night as inspiration from heaven.
The first open letter was captioned ‘IT IS TIME TO PLAY POLITICS WITH THE POWERS IN YOUR HANDS’. In 2016, when Obong Nsima Ekere was appointed NDDC MD.
I wrote a second and captioned: Call your kindergarten politicians to order before the PDP umbrella becomes your personal property.

The letter coincided with the defection of Senator Nelson Effiong to the APC due to frustrations caused by your hallelujah boys who formed the party structure without input from him. I think that was early 2017.

The third open letter came in late 2017 when Senator Godswill Akpabio led the other 12 National Assembly members to the Government House to endorse you for a second term. It was captioned ‘IF SENATOR GOODWILL AKPABIO ENDORSES YOU TWO YEARS TO YOUR ELECTION YOU BETTER GO THE CHURCH AND LIVE’.

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I stated that Senator Godswill Akpabio will not support your re-election in 2019, being a last-minute politician. I cited the offenses you secretly committed against him, and a year after (8th August 2018), he defected to the ruling Party, the APC, where even my initial critics called on me to repost that open letter as a prophecy that came to pass.

Your Excellency, I am in the class of Prophet Daniel in the bible, who prophesied to different administrations during his reign and none of his prophecies failed.
Sir, the first two letters shaped your administration and leadership of the party as you took my advice hook, line, and sinker. The third letter, which was prophetic, came to pass, word for word. This fourth open letter will chronicle a little of your failure to reward those who have suffered to take you to where you are today.

In leadership, any leader who does not reward hard work and loyalty is only taking a walk where no one is following except those who are out to dupe him.

1. Senator Godswill Akpabio 
Your Excellency, it is on record that throughout the entire political process until you became governor, you have no record of voting in any election in Akwa Ibom State since 1999, but Senator Godswill Akpabio as Governor did everything humanly possible to bring you as his successor, including paying people in hard currencies to accept you as the one to succeed him as he was leaving.

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The storm raged, and he had one of the fiercest battles of his life because the whole state came against his choice which was you. But Because of the goodwill he had and a few political strings pulled, he finally succeeded foisting you as the candidate of the party. Millions of people were not okay with the arrangement, including the likes of Obong Umana Okon Umana, who first brought you in 2013 to replace Senator Bassey Albert as Finance Commissioner. He left the PDP for APC to fight against Governor Akpabio in the general election, and the election was Umana Umana vs Godswill Akpabio his former Boss. In the end, Governor Godswill Akpabio won the elections for you, and you became Governor of our dear State

Your Excellency, you started fighting Akpabio the very day you were sworn into office. From the governor’s office when Akpabio left you and went to his Ukana hometown, you sent someone to call Emman Inyangeto to return the only pilot car which was taking him home and when Emman Inyangeto told the person that the pilot car will be returned immediately Sen. Akpabio leaves for Abuja which he had won election as a Senator. it’s alleged that you called Emman Inyangeto to accuse him of attempting to destroy you before Sen. Godswill Akpabio. It was unthinkable.

On the 30th of May (a day after you were sworn in), you sent 11 (eleven) drivers to Sen. Akpabio’s house in Ukana to retrieve the few cars he took home as the former Governor. It’s on record that Senator Akpabio called Sir Etekamba Umoren who was announced SSG earlier, to monetize the cars and tell him the total amount for him to pay. It was confirmed that Etekamba Umoren monetized the vehicles, and Senator Godswill Akpabio paid the money for the cars he bought while in the government house as Governor. I wish this never happened, but it happened, and these facts are in public space.

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Your Excellency, it was alleged that immediately you resumed office as the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, you ordered the security agents at Abuja Governor’s lodge not to allow Senator Akpabio to enter the lodge again and a few days after you took over, on the 3rd or 4th of June the same 2015, one Mary Ekpenyong who was working directly with Senator Akpabio went to the Abuja Lodge to pack Senator Akpabio’s belongings, and the security agents there on your order collected Sen. Akpabio’s briefcase and bags and hit them on the floor and used the nozzle of the guns to fling his suits, boxers, and underwear on the bare floor. That was so demeaning.

Your Excellency, when Akpabio left the lodge, he had so many gift items packed in Ghana must go bags, and since he had not completed his Shelter Afrique mansion, he locked those Ghana must go bags in the underground flat at the presidential wing of the Governor’s lodge. Sir, it is alleged that you paid chattered flight for about 45 DSS personnel under Maman Daura, to come and break into the underground and open those bags because you believed he was hiding some stolen monies there. Sir, you could recall when Senator Akpabio called you when he had information, he pleaded with you not to let DSS disgrace him that he had only one million (N1million) naira in that apartment and others were his gift items, you told him you would see what you can do but you still looked the other way while the DSS bundled his bags and threw them outside but found no monies as expected.
Your Excellency, on the private jet Senator Akpabio bought as Governor for the smooth running of government, you left him stranded a couple of times, after he had begged to use it and you agreed, just to switch off your phones and he would call Governor Wike to come to his rescue.

For example, the day he wanted to attend an event at Osun State, you never helped him with the jet he bought. I strongly believe if you were the one who bought that private jet you would have named it St. Gabriel private jet so you could leave with it after your tenure as Governor.
The other event I could remember was you denying him the usage of the private jet the day he ran very late to attend prelate Sunday Mbang’s birthday at Eket. Governor Wike later promised to give him his private jet after you denied him ours to move from Abuja to Uyo, but slept off and never picked up calls till later in the afternoon when he finally released the jet to him.

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Your Excellency, the hatred continued to the extent that you one day took a personally written petition to President Buhari on the day he had an Executive council meeting, and he asked you if the petition was against the same Sen. Godswill Akpabio who brought you to him to work with and you answered yes, and he told you to take the petition to the appropriate agency to handle it which you did so.
Your Excellency, after frustrating Akpabio to leave PDP and coupled with his failure to return to the Senate, you allegedly fought with the last drop of blood in you to stop him from being appointed minister of the Federal Republic including money exchanging hands, if not for the grace he carries, you would have destroyed him.

Your Excellency, when I sort to know why you would be so mean to a man who brought you from nowhere to become a Governor, I was told a very funny story which I would like to remind you, the story has it that when you were the Executive Director of Zenith Bank you went with one Hajia to meet with Governor Akpabio and he forgot you guys and rushed to Imo State to meet up an appointment just for him to call and reschedule the meeting with an apology, but it is alleged that you told Hajia that you will never forgive Akpabio in your entire life and sir take your mind back when he made you Governor you told her you will never forgive him that it was God who made you Governor and not Akpabio. Your Excellency, why??

Sir, You caused him heaps of pain instead of reward but rest assured your successor will multiply that to you except you are innocent as you always claim. You even took one of his brothers to make him commissioner so he could join you in fighting Senator Akpabio not to return to the senate, today that one is struggling to go to the House of Assembly which I believe you will betray him too, after all, you don’t reward loyalty and will never do with the Essien Udim Ticket.

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2. Utitofon Morgan
Your Excellency, during the build-up to the 2019 general elections, Utitofon Morgan, a young online influencer published something to discredit Senator Godwill Akpabio and the APC, and he was arrested in a commando-style and taken to a cell and moved immediately to court and remanded in prison, leaving his newly married pregnant wife at home for a crime he never committed but was fighting a just course, believing you were the type of leader who would reward hard work and loyalty. Today, Utitofon Morgan is still driving a 7th hand ‘tuke-tuke’ car he bought with his sweat, while you have given out thousands of cars to those who came from Lagos on night buses who don’t even have voters cards not to talk of entering the ordinary cell in the course of your elections. Your Excellency, you have failed the reward test.

3. PDP Ward Chairmen
Your excellency, sometimes in 2018 when the opposition party was doing everything possible to move some PDP faithful to the APC, you gave fake Contract AWARD LETTERS to all the PDP ward chairmen and their secretaries just to make sure they never followed the juicy offers given to then to dump the party, some of them raised loans to execute those job which were from Interministerial Direct Labour coordinating committee of the Ministry of finance and are in trauma today because of not being able to pay back such loans. Sir till today you have refused to pay them a dime of those monies, and now you are planning to deceive them with another set of Award Letters, but Sir they are waiting for you with your Idiok Mkpo Urua, and they will sure take your pound of flesh during the primaries because they know you don’t reward loyalty and hard work and you will never do.

Your excellency during the build-up to the 2019 elections you mandated Rt. Honourable Onofiok Luke to put up a strong media team to fight the onslaught by the APC media team and we were all assembled and begged to work assiduously for your reelection with the promise that immediately after we have won the 2019 elections you were going to reward a large number of us with different appointments. A promise you have failed woefully.

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The worst thing is that during that time we were told to work without any kind of financial benefits that the 4 years appointments you will later give us will pay us better than paying us then. Sadly, after you won the election, your close men started tagging us OWO this and OWO that, and till today you have not given one appointment to anyone from that well-structured media team, because it is in your DNA not to reward hard work and loyalty. Sir, we are all waiting for you and your Idiok Mkpu Urua

Your Excellency, some days before the 2019 general elections you manifested your point and kill political strategy, you invited some top politicians from Uyo senatorial district extraction individually and told them to abandon Obong Nsima Ekwere during the Polls and support you to be voted back to power, you promised them every good thing of life after your reelection, but sir three years after your reelection you have not picked their calls again, Sir you have failed the reward test and these will gang up with your other enemies to frustrate you and your Idiok Mkpo Urua in 2023.

Your Excellency Sir, some months after your re-election as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2019, Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen who was then the commissioner for works having seen what we suffered during the elections without the appointments you promised, asked some of us to give him our account details so he could be giving each of us 50,000 monthly pending when you will fulfill the appointments you promised. Just about 3 months after payment of the stipends the idiots you have as your SA on blackmail and Mbad Utom went to the commissioner’s office and took the list and published it on all social media platforms just to discredit us and you the Governor did not say anything but rather abandoned the payment of that money which you can’t pay your brothers that type of money monthly. But on that, we will soon do a solemn Assemble and pray against you if you don’t pay us the backlog of that money and continue paying us till 2023.

Your Excellency, immediately after your 2019 victory which we all worked for, you mandated stakeholders to select 3 (three) elders per ward for you to be paying them monthly and the news went around and we were happy that at least each elder will be going home with at least hundred thousand (N100,000.00) naira every month to help cushion the effect of the harsh economic circumstances we have found ourselves. But Sir, as it is your tradition not to reward hard work and loyalty we have not heard about the 3 elders per ward again, and it was alleged you ignored them so you don’t empower those who suffered for you especially being that they were supposed to be selected by stakeholders most of who you had declared your enemies immediately you were reelected. These elders are waiting for your market product (you know who I am talking about sir).

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Your Excellency when it comes to Senator OBA and your attitude towards him, you have displayed your non-reward-of-loyalty-disposition.
During the 2014 build-up for the 2015 Governorship Obong Bassey Albert, the then immediate past Commissioner for finance stood a better chance to become the Governor of the state as he was the aspirant to beat in that contest which had 23 well-qualified aspirants against you, even with the zoning toga he was supported by all 3 senatorial districts because of his accommodating lifestyle.

Governor Godswill Akpabio who was the state Governor having mentored him for more than seven (7) years, knew his capacity that he was not a pushover, having witnessed the consultations we had gone to the 31 Local Government Areas. He took him to President Jonathan and pleaded with him to step down for you and contest for Senate and that after 8 years of your reign he will still be young and experienced enough to become the Governor as age was still on his side. He immediately stepped down for you and to show how strong he was, Governor Akpabio abandoned the other 22 aspirants in Abuja and they registered with the CAC as the G22.

Obong Bassey Albert completely disappointed his diehard supporters when he returned from Abuja and brought you to his campaign grounds in Shelter Afrique, lifted your hand, and handed you over his campaign team and structure without demanding anything apart from believing you will stand by him in 2023 and a reward.
Your Excellency Obong Bassey Albert convince all his supporters to support you the way they would have supported him which we all did and took you to an election in which you did not have any structure and won one of the most difficult elections against Obong Umana Okon Umana.

Sir in 2019 two of the three Senators elected under the PDP defected to the APC including your teacher Senator Godswill Akpabio, Senator Bassey Albert stood up in his full element of not afraid of wars or intimidation to defend you to win your second term which your teacher had promised a warsaw war situation and the Federal Night. Your excellency let it be noted that the day your teacher defected to APC I saw you coming back from an Abuja trip at the airport, I saw fear and failure boldly written on your face.
A few days later Senator Bassey Albert landed at Victor Attah International Airport and took a solidarity walk to the 4Lanes/ Nwaniba water fountain where we mobilized millions of Akwa Ibomites to that spot and addressed them on why they should support your second term ambition against the warsaw war which was proposed by your teacher. I think it was at it was at that venue you addressed him as OBA of Africa and the only Senator representing Akwa Ibom State. Sir, you even said if OBA is with you who will you be afraid of and we chorused no one.

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Sir the day the self-acclaimed speaker Nse Ntuen and 4 others took over the house of assembly from Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke to impeach you, it was Senator OBA who lead You and the Youths to pursue them from the House of Assembly and your pending impeachment averted and the following morning he OBA reported to the 8th Senate that the commissioner of Police then had been compromised which led to the Senate ordering the police to vacate the state house of assembly premises where they provided coverage for Nse Ntuen and the other four who had defected to APC.

Your Excellency, we would have expected that in the 2023 elections you would have thrown your right behind his governorship bid but since the leopard can’t change its skin, you are back on your full element of not rewarding loyalty and hard work, you have abandoned all who stood up for you to win your first and second term elections including Senator OBA who stepped down for you in 2015 and took the risk for you in 2019 just to project a man whose name was not heard in 2015 and 2019 to succeed you but Your Excellency mark my word that this one will backfire because all Akwa Ibom people know you are the master of use and dump politics and they are waiting to take your pound of flesh at the primaries.

Your Excellency, please search conscience if you have rewarded Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke, Arch Bishop Unwanta, Mr. Akan Okon, Mr. Ephraim InyangEyen, and Rt. Hon. Uduot Jack, Dr. Iniobong Essien, Comrade Ini Ememobong, Godwin Ntukude.
Your Excellency on Senator Bassey Albert, his 2023 aspiration, and your fears, my advice to you Sir is that Senator Bassey Albert knows the meaning of loyalty and he will never betray you once he becomes Governor. I want you to call him to your inner chamber and discuss with him on where and how you want him to protect you once he becomes Governor and I can assure you he will be the best successor you would ever wish for.

As a Prophet which God has ordained me to be for this your administration and all my predictions have always come to pass line by line, I prophesy that if you continue with this bad product that has been given to you from the pit of hell to force on Akwa Ibom People, you may be the first sitting Governor in the State who will be stoned with pure water and on the 29th of May 2023, you may not be in town to handover or will be stoned on your way to the Airport as you will never contemplate going to Onna because within your heart of hearts you know you have failed them.
Your Excellency, if you can take this advice from heaven please do, but if you cannot, then Yak aba.

Do have a good read Your Excellency the Governor and the incoming President of Nigeria, although I owe you one more open letter before May 29, 2023.”
And according to Oscar, Akpabio is not fit to be Nigeria’s president. He said in a whatsapp voice note to TNN as a reaction to Akpabio’s declaration for the office of president that “people do not hold our politicians responsible to deliver on their previous previous office or portfolio held and that is becoming so challenging and that is also as well giving our politicians a lot of opportunities to think that they can just wake up at any moment to contest for any position. Iif not for that, why would the likes of Akpabio think of wanting to become president of Nigeria? If not for that , why would the kind of person we have in Akpabio think of contest to become the next Nigerian’s president? That is because we do not hold our politicians accountable for the positions they’ve held before.

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“Now we are talking about the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the likes of Akpabio who have disappointed even himself, who have disappointed his own family, who have disappointed his own children, who have disappointed his entire kindred would come and say he wants to contest, let alone the people of Niger Delta and that of the South South region. This same person comes out today and says he wants to declare to be Nigerian’s next president. Is it not so embarrassing? Is it not so shameful? Is it not so unfortunate? Is it not so disgusting? It is unfortunate that we hear somebody of this nature, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio coming that he wants to become next Nigerians president . I don’t see any meaning in this cause. It is unfortunate we don’t have a listening president, which is the current president of the federal republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, because if President Muhammadu Buhari was a listening president, I’m sure some people today won’t be declaring they want to become the Nigerian’s next president, they won’t, because they would have been held accountable for what they have done. They would have been held accountable for their previous portfolio. The people of the south south region, the people of the Niger delta region, they are suffering under the Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio as a minister for Niger delta affairs and today, that man could stand up that he wants to become the next president. Who would ever think of such a person. I’m quite disappointed that people are still listening to the likes of this man.
I am quite sure that nemesis would come after politicians like him. I am quite sure that Karma would come back to people like him. I am quite sure that Karma would not let him rest because what he has taken from the people of Niger delta, even if 20 years for 100years is going to reincarnate in this world, he can never get them, he can never fulfil them.

Today we are talking about how many contractors, how many numbers of contractors that have been kept, a lot of contractors are late now, some contractors, those that have 5 million contract, that are yet to be paid, you cannot count the number of contractors that have 5 million naira, 10 million naira,12million. You cannot count, they are in thousands and the monies are yet to be paid. You cannot count the number of contractors that have such amount of money in NDDC, that have also delivered their job but have not been paid and this same person is sitting on their money, this same person is sitting on thousands, thousands upon thousands of millions that belongs to people and yet nobody questions him, not even the president is even

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