February 22, 2024

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If Offered N100,000 Cash For Your Vote, What Will You Do?

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Vote buying has characterized elections in Nigeria. Those with the money bags have become the highest bidders that take it all. Glaring was the primary elections of most political parties, especially that of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. It is no longer a secret affair, candidates through their supporters, come to polling units with bags of money to give the electorate in exchange for their vote. Ahead of the 2023 general elections, EDITH CHUKU took to the street to seek the reaction of the electorate over this issue of great concern. The question: “in your polling unit on the election day, you were offered N100,000.00 to vote for a presidential or governorship candidate you see as ‘the worst person’ what will you do? The following are the responses generated.



Ibrahim A Waziri 

I will accept the money, but I will vote for the candidate of my choice because any of these political parties that offers you money might have stolen the money from public treasury and that money is for the development of the state, but stolen from the public for their personal use.


  Mr. Felix Ekpendu O. 

No, no, no. For me, even if any candidate gives me one-billion naira, I will never change my mind on my choice of candidates; Tinubu for president and Magnus Abe for governor of Rivers State, they are the future of Nigeria and Rivers State come 2023, there will be no mistakes at all. No, I will not collect the money, no matter the amount.

Wanyanwu Lucky, Winner

I will collect the 100k, and still vote for the candidate of my choice and not theirs. I will collect the money because it is our money, national cake. This is my own share of it.


Mr. Daniel M. Daniel

All that glitters are not gold, personally, I can’t see fire and put my hands no matter the offer. For greater tomorrow I have to reject the offer and make a good choice because that offer can’t solve one per cent of my problems, that’s why we need to look for black goat when it’s daylight.


Ochulor Christian

I will collect the money and vote my choice.


Pst. Miracle C. Uche

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I’m Pst. Miracle C. Uche. The future of Nigeria strongly depends on 2023 general elections. Thus, it is our responsibility as citizens to ensure that we vote wisely for the right candidates. Bribery and vote buying are enemies of our progress as a nation. The Holy Bible is also against bribery.
If I’m offered money or any valuable in exchange for my vote, I will reject it and make sure that I carry out my franchise in favour of whom I feel will lead us from consumption to production, and to a peaceful and prosperous coexistence. God bless Nigeria.


I am Comrade Chimzi Ogbonna

Nigeria is in a sorry state. Our politicians created the poverty you are seeing today, so if you see such money during election kindly take it and vote for who you want because after the election you won’t even see N1,000.00 from them. Take the money it belongs to us and vote with your conscience.


Akinyemi Joshua

No, I won’t sell my vote oooooo. I will not sell my vote.


Mr. Bestman Worlu
I will not accept, I won’t sell my right, my future and that of generation unborn. I’m not selling my good conscience just to vote wrong people who does not care about the welfare of others but for their children and unborn children. I will not collect N100,000.00 that will subject us to suffering for another 4 to 8 years. I will reject it because people that offer money to gain position ends up selling our right and future to regain what they spent during election.


 Edwin Umoren

I will collect the money but I will vote best candidate.



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