May 26, 2022

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I Was Once Sent Off The Stage While Still Performing – Kellyfrezzy

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Fast rising Nigerian Music artiste, Wodi Bright Harchikaru popularly known as Kellyfrezzy, has in a bid to encourage upcoming artistes, narrated some embarrassing experiences he had during the beginning of his music career.
The dude who spoke in an interview with EDITH CHUKU as he premieres his latest track, “Want You”, said he has been sent off stage while performing, as well as being invited for an event and not giving the opportunity to perform.
Just five years, yet you appear to be gaining more ground, according to faze, abi na juju you dey use so?
(laughs), No be juju o o o, (laughs) abeg o o o, I would have loved to say yes, like Jesus na my juju but fortunately, God, who is behind it all is too big to be described or referred to as juju. God is my secret, God’s grace, though for me, I have not started making wave in the industry. I haven’t seriously; God is just taking me a step at a time.
At what point will you get to and say, yes, I have arrived?
Point? Nobody arrives on earth, we keep moving. I only pray to get to the level of my role models.
Who are these role models of yours?
First, Davido, majorly for Nigeria artiste, Jon Bellion for international artist and of course my pals.
Tell us little about yourself and your kind of music?
Well, thanks for the opportunity. First, I am Wodi Bright Harchikaru, KellyFrezzy, I’m an Ikwerre boy, Rivers State. I do alternative music, started professional music in 2015.
You are premiering “Want You.” I am curious, was it born out of a broken relationship?
You say? (Laughs), Nooo, not exactly, (laughs), not exactly, Want Me by me, featuring Siki, is a song for all the wife materials out there. You know, all the single, home grown, good, responsible ladies out there, as you can see, they love the song, that’s what matters, giving your fans what they love to hear, cool and steady.
Any regrets so far in the industry?
I don’t have any regrets so far, music has always been what I love, enjoy. It’s passion for me, a dream come true, so I don’t have any regrets. The industry has been good, fans very supportive, family very encouraging; I am still pushing to see I get to where I want to be.
But, before the real fine boy emerged, you’ve had some unfriendly, or should I say embarrassing moment?
(Cuts in) severally, I have been embarrassed several times during the genesis of my career but I took a step to rebrand myself and by God’s grace, all started falling in pleasant places.
Okay, so let’s hear some of those moments and how it felt?
Like when I was performing and they ended my performance before my song ended and sent me off the stage, yeah. That was really a terrible experience for me, it was one of my most discouraging moments. Again, when they called me for an event and I wasn’t given the chance to perform, honestly, I lost courage.
How did you get over it?
God helped me, His Grace kept me moving amidst all that, also, rebranding, I rebranded myself, now, I get paid to perform, the thing is no matter what you face, don’t give up, just keep pushing, create great content, do good music, be light in your packaging, don’t over package so you don’t scare your destiny helpers.

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