February 24, 2024

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How I Escaped From My Abductors ‘Den-Assemblies Of God Pastor

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The Reverend Wosu Godstime is the resident pastor of the Assemblies of God Church in Rivers State. The minister who was kidnapped at the Rumuodara junction in Port Harcourt by four armed men has regained his freedom. He spoke with EDITH CHUKU.


You were abducted last Wednesday at the Rumuodara Junction in Port Harcourt. What really happened?
On that fateful day, I just came out to Rumuodara junction and saw a taxi coming from Rumuokoro. There were three men at the back and then the driver in front. The only vacant seat was just the front seat which I entered after telling them I was heading towards Deeper Life Church before Tank junction. I was actually going to our headquarters for ministers fellowship meeting.
While we were going, a journey that is between five to seven minutes, just before Power Encounter church, I looked at the driver’s seat only to behold guns, real weapons.
I’m sure you were terrified at that moment?
You know, as humans, gun has a way of passing a message, regardless of who is in possession of it. Its only language is danger, but one thing I know better, I might not know what their aim was but one thing I know so much is God’s unlimited ability, regardless of any other thing, regardless of their purpose, my God’s will always prevails above all, including the wisdom of Ahithophel.
At that point, what did you do?
Then I began to contemplate, it dawned on me that I have entered a wrong vehicle.
I quickly asked the driver to please drop me. Immediately I requested to be dropped, the guy sitting behind me dragged my face backward, tied my face to the seat and rolled up the glass .
As busy as that Rumuodara to Tank road, no one saw what was happening to raise the alarm?
My dear, from there, they drove for a very long time, while I was blindfolded. I didn’t know where they were taking me to. I was like that till unknown destination. After a long drive, they stopped and asked me to come down, I came down from the vehicle, they asked me to sit on the floor, I sat on the floor. Immediately, they started beating me. After a while, around afternoon, they gave me my phone and asked me to call somebody, I decided that instead of calling my assistant pastor, I should just send text, I sent him a text explaining that I was in a danger zone.
Immediately I sent it, they collected my phone and started beating me again, then around evening, they brought food, I told them I didn’t want to eat. So, they bought their own, collected the little money I was taking to church, with every other thing on me.
As God made it happen, while they were eating their own food, they instantly fell asleep, four of them slept off immediately.
Just like that?
Like I said, I only believe strongly, I have faith in my God, I trust only what He, the God of Assemblies of God can do. I don’t know the thought of men but I know that God’s thought for us, His children, is of good, not evil.
Immediately they slept off, God helped me, I stood up, God gave me automatic razor blade in my teeth to bite loose the rope they used to tie my hands and I started running. I was running in that bush, praying and believing God that I will not appear same place I was held, because I didn’t know where I was even running to.
My dear, this merciful God, who does not look upon our unrighteousness and sinful nature, this God in whose mercy we find favour, this God in whom our imperfection is made perfect, led me out of that zone. I found myself at Lagos bus stop, from there I went back to the church.
How would you describe this experience?
It’s simple, God’s hand at work. I know prayers were made seriously for my release, prayers were coming through from Assemblies of God churches all over Ikwerre District, Rivers State and beyond. Like the days of Peter, the church was praying for me. I want to appreciate this God who surpasses human ideology. If it was human ideology, I wouldn’t have survived it; maybe I would have been dead by now, or they would have been demanding for ransom which is not there. Where would I have gotten it from? God did it all for me. I still have a lot to do in God’s vineyard. He still has much He wants to accomplish through me.
As a minister, what would you say to your abductors?
I can’t curse them, no, those souls are important to my God, very important, they are the reason for the death of Christ, they are the lost souls, they are my brothers. With them, the church and body of Christ will be complete, not to curse but to urge them to turn away from sin and turn to God, their maker. I pray for the youths, I urge them to embrace Christ and live a holy life, then God will intervene in their case, is it job, employment? God will intervene, lack of peace? God will intervene, whatever be the case, God will intervene. Finally, I pray today that God who delivered me, will deliver those in such captivity and help their abductors to find peace in Christ, and I prophesy that you will never be a victim of kidnapping and those who are, my God will give you a way of escape as He gave me amidst confusion.

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