December 4, 2023

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Apprentice Mechanic Crashes Customer’s Car Beyond Repairs 

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 John ODHE, Yenagoa
A night club loving apprentice motor mechanic in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State (name withheld), in the early hours of Friday, crashed a customer’s 2-month old Lexus 350 car beyond repairs.
The car, our correspondent learnt, was taken to a mechanic shop in the state capital for a minor fixing. After fixing the problem, a source told our correspondent that the owner gave the vehicle to one of his apprentices to return it to the owner in the evening of Thursday.
We gathered that on receiving the car keys, the said apprentice allegedly zoomed off, took his girlfriend, two of his friends and cruised into town for night clubbing.
According to a local vigilante source, the apprentice and three other occupants, rammed the vehicle which was said to be on high speed, on an electric pole at the Gbiogbolo axis of the Mbiama-Yenagoa Expressway, broke the concrete pole, somersaulted and veered off the road before landing on its roof.
Although, all four persons in the vehicle miraculously survived the crash with minor bruises, the car with Abuja registration number: ABJ-820HC and valued at N4.5 million was seen squeezed beyond repairs.
The owner of the vehicle (name withheld) who was stunned beyond speech has settled for nothing less than a replacement of his car.
The incident created hours of vehicular movement obstruction as a hayab truck struggled to evacuate the debris of the crashed car under the supervision of police traffic wardens as sympathizers who thronged the scene of the incident watched in astonishment.

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