May 17, 2022

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Cervical Spine Injury: Help! I Don’t Want To Lose My Father 

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Children of a former immigration officer, Okeke Valentine Vitus, are appealing for immediate financial assistance from well-meaning Nigerians, to save their father who needs N5.2 million for an urgent surgery.


Vitus was diagnosed of cervical spine injury following a fatal accident he was involved in on his way to Abuja.


Speaking with TNN from the hospital, his only son and first child out of three children, Okeke Valentine Uchenna narrated that, “my father was involved in a tragic accident on his way to Abuja.

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“That accident resulted to this. He injured his spine and now he’s unable to move at all, he is not able to move his limbs for the meantime. Doctors have advised that the only way to remedy the situation is to undergo surgery. The accident happened in the early hours of 15th December.


“We took him to Cedar Crest but due to financial constraints, we had to leave for National hospital Abuja. He urgently has to undergo a surgical operation on the spine, as the injury was caused as a result of compression due to the accident, so they will have to decompress it and fix implants.


“In our bid to gather the money for the surgery, we’ve reached out to few close friends, loved ones and they were able to give us the much they can which is not up to the expected amount, so that is why we are crying out publicly for help. By God’s own mercy, Cedar Crest waved our bills because we couldn’t afford it, the hospital in God’s mercy waved the bills, which was close to a million naira, they waved it and advised us to move my father to the National Hospital. We’ve been here for a couple of days, calling for help so he can undergo the surgery.

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“No one prays for this kind of occurrences and for that reason, no one plans for it. Given the rough situation in the family, financially wise, this has really put us in a dark place. Confusion mixed with immense sadness. We don’t know what to do so we decided to cry to the public.


“My dad has suffered a lot, mostly at this time of this incident, all I desire is to take care of him, but I don’t have the necessary fund to do that, and I can’t afford him lay in this hospital like this, it pains my heart. I’ve watched him suffer over this period of time, I have watched him struggle, suffer, toil, stretch a lot, I can’t manage the pain, it’s over bearing for me.(tears).”


“The bill given to us contain only the surgery fee, post-surgery expenses are not included as those would be charged as consumed.

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“Please, my family needs help, please save my father, please, help us, we don’t have such money anywhere, please, he urgently needs to undergo this surgery as quick as possible.”


To save Mr. Okeke Valentine Vitus, please make your donation into the following account information:


Account Name: Okeke Valentine Vitus 

Account Number: 3056523259

Bank: First Bank 

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