June 13, 2024

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As Another Christmas Beckons (1)

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In the next few days, it will be another opportunity for the world to celebrate Christmas and a new year. Already, there are signals that Christmas celebration is in the air.
On December 1, many people already started decorating their offices and homes. Even churches have started decorating their worship centres with Christmas lights and trees.
Christmas shopping, as some people call it, has started already. There are pointers truly, that another Christmas season is by the corner.
Christmas is that time when all kinds of things happen. It is that time when people travel to their villages on holidays, when families reunite, when people share gifts, when the price of goods and services go up in most cases.
During the Christmas season, a lot of people engage in criminal activities, just to be able to measure up. It is generally a period for merry making, especially by the Christendom.
Even those who belong to other religions, outside Christianity, have a way of celebrating the Christmas. And sometimes, even the very essence of the season is forgotten.
There are reports already, that prices of goods and services are beginning to hit the roof. But fortunately, there are no signs that fuel marketers will rip people off, in the name of scarcity of petroleum products, as has sometimes been the case in periods like this.
But with the high cost of staple foods like rice, there is a serious cause for concern. Consumers are already lamenting about the increasing cost of rice as a result of the closure of our borders. The concern is that the man on the street may not be able to afford a cup of rice for his family at this time, because of the cost.
It is however shocking that at a time that rice is largely being produced in Nigeria, the cost has gone higher than when the country used to depend on imported rice. This means that some Nigerians are merely taking advantage of others. We do not think this is the essence and spirit of Christmas.
This is why we are urging the federal government to quickly think of how to intervene and bring down the cost of local rice, for the sake of the masses and in the spirit of the Christmas season. Afterall, Christmas is all about love and giving.
We also urge producers of rice, which is one food that most people prefer to eat during Christmas, to consider their neighbours and bring down the price, so that the common man can also celebrate the season with their family. This is one true way of celebrating Christmas.

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