December 9, 2023

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15-Year Old Girl Defiles 7-Year Old Neigbour In Rivers

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A widower residing in the Mile 2 Diobu axis of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, who gave his name as Mr. Sunday Lawrence Nwachukwu, has narrated how he caught his 15-year old neighbour’s daughter defiling his 7-year old son in his living room.
Nwachukwu who described the unfortunate incident as traumatizing, told TNN that he believed the day he caught her was not the first time she was having canal knowledge of his son.
He lamented that since May this year, he engaged the service of the 15-year old girl whose name was given simply as Rejoice. He said he used to pay her N8,000 monthly, and her duties were to pick his son from school, bath him, feed him and assist him in his assignments, before his (Mr. Nwachukwu)return from work.
Speaking with TNN, he said “I am really traumatized; I never imagined that this kind of thing can befall my household. My wife died eight months ago, he is our only child. Because of my work, I asked Rejoice to be picking my son from school every day and I pay her N8,000 every Month.
“She started May. I used to bath him and take him to school every morning before I go to work. But I close late, sometimes by eight, and even 10 in the night. This Rejoice since she finished junior WAEC, because of money she has been at home and my son likes going to their house. In fact, he goes only to their house, so I told her mother and she accepted and I am paying her.
“I used to drop my key with them every morning. So when she carries my son from school, they stay in my house. I cook, no matter when I close from work. I make sure there is enough food in my house. I give food stuff too to her family, they are my neighbours, we are very close like this, especially when my wife was alive.
“Just pick him from school, bath him, give him food from my kitchen and may be help him with his homework. My wife just died, I will marry but not now. She died just eight months ago. We have buried her”


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Narrating how he caught her, he said “My boss travelled. In fact, I was supposed to travel with him, but he asked another of my colleague to go with him. I just said let me close early and come back and rest.
“When I reached my house, the door was open, just the cotton. Immediately I opened it I almost fainted, if not for God I would have killed that girl, I swear to God, I would have killed that girl, I swear.
“My son was on top of her sucking her breast. I only blame death, death that took my precious wife away. This girl has been with my son for four months now, I have been asking myself, is this what she has been doing, because I am very sure that this is not the first time.”
Reacting to why he never noticed such if that was truly not the first time, he said, “see, before I come back from work, my son is already sleeping or he is in my neighbour’s house sleeping.
“I will just carry him and go inside. She used to bath him before I come back from work. He will eat, even do his homework. I did not notice anything, when I wake around five in the morning, I will prepare for work. I used to bath him every morning, give him food and take him to school.
“My dear, I cannot do anything to her, this boy is my only son, the only thing my wife left for me before she died; I cannot, because of her parents. The next step is to look for a way, I cannot leave my work that is what put food on our table, but I will think of what to do.”
Nwachukwu has a message for parents: “A lot of devourers are on the prowl, parents should take full responsibility for their children and stop leaving them in the hands of people. Evil is everywhere now.
“See me, if somebody had told me, I wouldn’t have believed and I know that my late wife is not happy with me for what happened. Parents really need to put eyes on their children. I know it is not easy but they should try.”

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