December 4, 2023

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Why Surveyors Should Be Carried Along During Next Census -Surveyor

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Godwin AJOM, Calabar


A Calabar based surveyor, Dr Tunde Alade has spoken on the need for the National Population Commission, NPC, to work with surveyors as the commission prepares for the next round of census in the country.

Alade said this in an interview with TNN in Calabar. He said: “I discovered that there are some gaps that surveyors still need to fill in the national tide of events especially in the area of census. When we are talking about census and population, we have setbacks because surveyors are not carried along.

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“That is why we still have loopholes in the population data available. Our population has grown reasonably between the last census and now; so if we must have in possession, credible and professionally defined population data, then let’s look up and synergize with the survey industry.

“The reason why they (surveyors) need to be carried along is basically because of the multipurpose cadastral; the name, the identity of the individual, the owner of his residential facility, the location, age are all supposed to what we call, multipurpose cadastral”. This capturing will reduce the stress and the fusion of physical energy of the people that go out for enumeration during the census.”

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He said the role of surveyors was very if the data were to be relied upon. According to him, “when a surveyor goes to the field, he or she captures the property of various individuals that live in that environment; that is why it is a multipurpose cadastral.

“They should include surveyors to make the work of the enumerators that go out easier because the surveyor will help them better. In managing the data, for instance, it is the duty of the surveyor to go and assemble the preliminary relevant cadastral data, the surveyor practically and professionally knows how to pick the data, he knows how to post process the data, which most of the enumerators professionally do not know.

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“But a surveyor will pick up the information, sketch it out, process it properly , plan it as the case may be, identify the location and from there you can do an updated point of seeing the total and accurate concentration of people in one area or the other. That would no doubt help because population is not only census. Census also considers the aggregate set of people, residing within an area, their profession, et cetera.”

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