December 4, 2023

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Still On Sex For Grades In Higher Institutions

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Over the years, there have been reports of indecent acts in Nigerian institutions of learning as it relates to male lecturers and other staff demanding sex from female students, to enable them pass their courses.

Before now, it used to be abominable to hear of such acts, but now it has become very rampant. There have also been reports of lecturers being suspended for alleged involvement in such acts. Apart from the suspension and consequent non –payment of such lecturers, there is also the aspect of the shame such lecturers attract to their families. But even with these, other lecturers do not seem to have learnt lessons.

Students lacklustre attitude towards their studies have partly been blamed for the increase in lecturers’ sexual abuse of their female students. Reading culture is now at its lowest ebb, moreso as students now pay more attention to social media activities than their studies, knowing that they would always exchange their body for grades. Such students do neither bother about attending classes, nor write their tests.

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Surprisingly, these practices do not only happen in the higher institutions; those in secondary schools are also guilty. There have reports of teachers harassing secondary school students sexually, with a promise to ensure that they would be given high grades. Besides, female lecturers are sometimes accused of harassing male students for sex in exchange for grades.

Just recently, at the Ignatius Ajuru University of education, Port Harcourt, a lecturer, Dr. Samuel Abiye, was suspended on account of sex for grade scandal. He was recorded by one of his female students, who he promised to help pass his course and all other courses in the department. He was suspended for three months and placed on half salary. Examinations on all his courses for the semester were also remarked and assigned to other lecturers.

Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, Rumuola, Port Harcourt has also suspended a lecturer, Mr. Tamunotonye Zoe Solomon for three months on account of sexual harassment and detention of a female student, Miss. Blessing Audu.

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Concerned about this malaise, the current deputy senate president, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege sponsored a bill which has which was passed by the 8th senate. The law provides for a five-year jail term and N5million fine for lecturers convicted for sexually harassing male or female students.

It is our view that since there is a law on sexual harassment, all victims should be bold enough to report such cases to law enforcement agencies and also approach the courts for justice.
Lecturers should respect themselves and refrain from abusing the privilege of mentoring the students. They are supposed to be father figures to the students and that means they ought to show good example to their students.

It is also our opinion that the school authorities should not take it kindly with any lecturer found guilty of this act. They should continue to expose and punish all culprits, so that others in their ilk can learn. But parents should also play their role and give proper parental tutorials to their children, while religious organisations should ensure that the message of chastity does not stop. It is our firm belief that if all hands are on deck, the battle against sex for grades would be fought and won in our

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