December 8, 2023

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Reps Leadership: Let’s Not Sacrifice Capacity on Zoning Altar-Activist

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An environmental rights activist in the Niger Delta, Eugene Abels has urged members of the House of Representatives to be careful in their choice of the next speaker for the lower arm of the National Assembly.

Saying that it would not be good for the country if leaders are chosen merely based on zoning instead of capacity and ability to lead and rescue the country, Abels said the nation was currently in dire need of people will excellent leadership skills and ability to perform.

In the House of Representatives, no fewer than five people have so far indicated interest and are vigorously campaigning to win the heart of their colleagues ahead of the June date for the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly, when new leaders will emerge.

While some have argued that the ruling APC should be allowed to decide on the next speakership position and which zone should occupy the office, others have said that the position should be thrown open, to allow the legislators choose the very best from amongst them.

Abels however said in an online interview that the zoning principle was embedded in the Nigerian constitution because of its necessity, hence the segmentation of the country into six zones, so that everyone in the country could be carried along.

But he was quick to add that in adopting the zoning process, there should be an addendum. “We have a muslim-muslim (presidential) ticket and the world has not ended. It is important we place emphasis on capacity and competence.”

He said the nation would go far if competence was given top priority, above all other considerations especially because “we are in crisis and we need help.” He said people should not just be given positions of authority because they needed the office to assert influence.


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