September 27, 2023

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Owan Enoh: How Obedience to Tinubu’s Order Earned Him Ministerial Appointment *Egbona Hails Appointment

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Senator John Owan Enoh, one of the two ministerial nominees from Cross River State, earned the position because he showed respect for and obeyed instructions by the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Tinubu had, while visiting Cross River State for the presidential election campaigns, ordered Owan Enoh to drop his court case against Senator Prince Bassey Otu, to avoid distractions for the party.

He was one of he aspirants for the position of governor and had gone to court to seek justice over the party’s ticket.

In compliance, Owan Enoh obeyed and withdrew all cases against Otu. Apart from dropping the cases, he took upon himself to campaign for all the party’s candidates.

His efforts yielded results, leading to the emergence of Otu as governor, as well as other offices which the party won in his senatorial district and federal constituency.

Owan Enoh missed the opportunity of becoming minister under the last government of Muhammad Buhari. But regardless, he was steadfast and committed to the party till the end of that government, even though he still did not get any appointment.

He was said to have taken it upon himself to finance most activities of the party, including his financial contributions during the last set of elections.

Speaking on his nomination to TNN on Thursday, minutes after the names were made public, a member of the House of Representatives from Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency, Dr Alex Egbona said it would have been surprising if Owan Enoh did not make it.

According to Egbona, “John deserves and merits this appointment. He has worked for the people,he has worked for the party; even when nothing came his way, he was still very patient and continued to serve without grumbling.

” You will recall that during the last election, he went campaigning everywhere in the state, outside his senatorial district and our party won at the end.

” This is reward for hard work and dedication. It also shows that the president is a man of honour. He has kept to his words and friendship.

“Mr President knows people who are both committed and intelligent, people who have so much to offer. I congratulate John. I know he will do well for our state and county.”

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