December 9, 2023

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Nigerians Should Brace Up For More Pains If Tinubu Wins, Says Fani-Kayode

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A former minister and member of the APC, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has told Nigerians to get ready to suffer the more, if the candidate of his party, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu becomes the next president.



He however said the pains would be necessary before they can begin to enjoy under the Tinubu government. The former minister spoke in an interview he granted a national television, which was monitored in Port Harcourt.



Fani-Kayode was being asked his opinion on the issue of deregulation of the petroleum sector, especially as the federal government has said that the sector would be deregulated fully from June next year. The current government will leave in May next year.


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The former minister was emphatic that total deregulation of the sector was necessary and was quick to add that Nigerians should therefore be ready to go through some pains in the process. The pains, however, would hit the common man the most.



He said: “The pain is the pathway to great success and bliss and that’s the message we push across. Yes, there would be pain, anybody that tells you the road to economic recovery is devoid of pain is not telling you the truth, but if you want to achieve an objective, the objective of good economy, a strong economy to the benefit of those very people you are talking about, you must tread that path of pain.





“Those pains will come but there will be palliatives, there will be ways of managing that pain and extending a hand to the people to take that pain away throughout the process. So at the end of the day which is the most important thing, once the policy has been achieved and is in place, it goes for the very best in terms of quality of governance, quality of the economy, standard of living and so on and so forth for the very people they are talking about. That’s the only way forward.


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“We are talking about the promise for tomorrow and we are saying that this is the right road to take. Things have been difficult and there is no question about that, and I won’t sit in front of you and tell you everything has been perfect but the fact of the matter remains that we must not give up.


“We must look forward, we must tread the right path and we must do the right things to make the right choices in order to ensure we have a better tomorrow for all of us. If we sit here and say no to deregulation, no to this, no to that, simply because we want to deceive the people and if we implement those policies behind their back as they were through the process of deceits, that would be worse.

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“Mere saying it as it is, we are telling you that these are hard choices that need to be made, is rather than somebody going to the dentist, let me use that as an example, with a rotten tooth that is decayed, you are going to go through pains but definitely, there would be injections to ensure the pains be eliminated to some extent but the tooth has to come out and when it comes out, it would be a better thing for you, there would be a better tooth for you, for everybody, and for those around you and of course a new tooth would grow and you would be a better person for it.


“So, that is what we are dealing with here. I’m not too concerned about the past, I’m concerned about the present and I’m concerned about the future and I’m saying what needs to be done must be done to ensure that we have a better tomorrow for our people.”

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