December 9, 2023

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Moswill Umoh: World Religious Leaders Mourn • What He Said About Wife on Her Last Birthday • He’s Now Walking Heaven’s Streets With My Dad-US Pastor

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A few hours after the death of Bishop Moswill Umoh, one of Akwa Ibom’s finest pastors and arch bishop elect, religious leaders have been reacting, wishing his family the strength and courage to endure the loss.


Umoh, one of the fathers of faith in Akwa Ibom who promoted education with all his might, died on Thursday night in the hospital where he was receiving treatment.


His son, Ekpono, who announced his passing away on Thursday night via his social media account asked for prayers from members of the public. One of his associates spoke from Texas, United States, describing the late bishop as his late father’s bosom friend.


The US pastor, Jill Jon Trejo wrote in his social media page that “you and Daddy had such an awesome friendship here on earth. Now I imagine that you two are running on the streets of gold.”


National publicity secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Emmah Isong was speechless whn TNN told him of the sad news and asked for his reaction.


He could only scream ‘Jesus’ and was unable to say anything again.


Last September when the bishop was celebrating the wife’s birthday, he wrote thus:


“Permit me to very specially appreciate all of you guys, family friends, members, ministerial partners and colleague in the WORLD CHANGING assignment for the outpouring of redemptive wishes on my ONLY WIFE AND WOMAN..The Lady Apostle Apple Umoh ,on this day of her birth.

I’ve proven without doubt that God still have people who love people the way they are, not minding how they look, your certification on us is gladsome and the God of true friendship will baptist you with tremendous recoveries in all ramifications.


God has been graciously faithful to this Icon ,this increasing my joy.

We are committed to keeping on as we keep on.

Join me to rejoice in our unbroken expectation that God will perfect our hope regarding total healing in Jesus name Amen.

Apple, you know I love you TOTAL ,and it remains this.

More strength ,more dynamism, more joy of achievements as you move to added MANY YEARS, in Christ name. Shalom ,

congratulations… I. love you.”


The he signed out this way: “Moswill, Moses, husband ,Pastor ,caregiver and co – Heaven’s candidate.”


The late bishop celebrated his 69th birthday only last month.



Another US based preacher, Abel and Bertha Vasquez also wrote: “Today my dear friend, Bishop Moswill Umoh went to be with our Lord and Saviour. I had the privilege of knowing him, serving alongside him and working together in the Kingdom for the last 36 years. I heard his heart for his community, his church and his country. A true ambassador. On this day has received his eternal reward.  My prayers, love and support to his beloved wife, Apple, his children, grandchildren, church, community, and friends.”



Umoh was a radio pastor, preaching under the name Hour of Hope Broadcast and was also the Proprietor Good Shepherd Christian Academy, Prelate Rapture Trust Gospel Ministries, Chancellor Ambassador Bible College, Vision founder Shepherd Field College of education, Former Vice President Association of Christian Schools Africa, Founder Grace Orphanage home and CEO Moswill World Outreach Organization.


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