February 22, 2024

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How Minister’s Critic Slumped, Got Revived in A’Ibom Prison

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A journalist and member of the APC in Akwa Ibom, Mr Michael Mathew who was arrested, detained for about a month, then arraigned and remanded at the Ikot Ekpene Correctional centre for close to a month now, passed out and was revived by medical experts on Monday, TNN has learnt.

But in the early hours of Monday, his family members and associates had gone to town with the news of his death, before the doctors could revive him. He was said to have suffered a slight heart attack.

Sources told TNN that Mathew had made a post which was considered offensive by a serving minister before the police were made to descend on him, detain him at the police headquarters for about a month, before a court ordered that he be remanded in prison.

On Monday, some friends rushed to the prison to confirm the news of his death and were glad to return with the information that he had been revived and was recuperating. His family members are not happy, however, that their son had been in incarceration for about two months now, for a political post he made on social media.

One of the friends who spoke with TNN said he was able to speak with him at the correctional centre and that he was recovering. He expressed the hope that the journalist turned political activist will be left off the hook soon, to enable him get proper medical attention.

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