November 30, 2021

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How Cross River State Excels Only On Propaganda And Nothing Else!

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By Pat Mgbe


Actually ever since the existence of Ben Ayade, the governor of Cross River State, one has never or had witnessed anything on areas of developmental strides functioning as had observed from other similar cases of other states, other then his remains propelling only on propaganda and nothing else.

For has observed it happened to be always had throttled by his local government chairmen, when this time celebrated Ayade on his 53 years on earth early last March 2021, when all went bazaar and bought spaces of pages newspapers for adverts, only to have mislead the people of the public by not telling the truth, hence wasted of the learn financial resources of the state also public had earned funds only on propaganda.

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Imagine a state which cannot show one accomplished functional project, since the governor came on board, other than have existing only on pages of newspapers and electronic medium. But one was rather made to read Pseudo achievements packed with falsehood, except from one out of the 18 local government chairpersons, probably because is a pastor with different, and beliefs on the philosophy which says,“Lies expresseslike fungus and has the face of an empty robust truth, because lacks philosophical depth.”But others goofed us who knew the truth, quickly contracted abdominal discomfort, disoriented, and flabbergasted, farce and mischief, most painfully for wasting also the meagre financial state resources uselessly on pages of news papers to have praise falsehood by way of propaganda,instead of which would had better spent on areas to better improve or ginger developmental strides on the lives of persons, who they swore an oath would governed.

As for who never came by such misinformed propelled propaganda of falsehood below are the expunged placed adverts from the different chair persons. Hence happy reading starting here first with that of the case of Yala Local government.

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Yala local government council which I quote “Your Excellency Sir at 53 you have rendered uncommon service and immeasurable contributions to the development of our dear state and the country.

Sir with your sense of patriotism and unwavering dedication you remain a doyen of our modern day democracy with unequalled accomplishments in the areas of industrialization, philanthropy, infrastructures and good will to humanity is no other then,Sir prof Ben Ayade.”See to that if true,if not other than propaganda.

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Come next, was that of Obudu Local Government Council, where of course, he the governor, Ben Ayade hails from and I also quote,“We are proud of your achievement for the state, because you came and thought out of the proverbial box and dared to place the nibble feet of the state on the path of industrialization, well done Sir.”How done has he achieved, as to deserved all this encomiumsif also not propaganda.

Obubra Local Government Council “As governor you changed the narrative of the once dwindling economic fortunes of our  purely civil service state full and bright opportunities, for all citizens to thrive.” This happened to be another such farce.

Biase Local Government Council expresses theirs also like this, “Your transformative qualities are obviously factory fifted as inborn can get.” We celebrate your sagacity Sir.”Kaiyi propaganda par excellence.

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Ikom Local Government Council “Your Excellency as you mark this glorious day, we rejoice with you for the magnificent feats, you have attend. You have given governance beyond words, you are an epitome of good leadership, selfless service and a man with the milk of human kindness indeed. In deed you are goodness personified.”Shege, this is blown up propaganda on a wider scale Ikom chairman – Wahali.

Abi Local Government Council, “This glorious moment remains in the history of our state that has witnessed monumental changes, occasioned by your giant strides, especially as you bestride the serious economic, social, political and industrial land scape of our state leaving it better for generations yet unborn.”Why all this naked falsehood. Incase would want to be corrected, have know, no oncoming generations would ever wish to have clamp hand for a governor who performance, has been rated as for poor governance.

Akamkpa Local Government Council,“Active in impacting in positively. ”But would wish to ask here, where actually has the so call impact.Ok could be on poor governance bracata – general laughter.

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Odukpani Local Government Council,“We identify with your leadership style, which is development centred. We also applaud your human disposition to people for the transformation of our state.”This also happened here to be another falsehood.

Yakurr Local Government Council, “Better receptive to the needs of those you lead. Better sacrificial in erring and putting smiles on the faces your people.” Again Yakur, may be permitted here to ask please on how many faces had he even put one smile, if not other than grinding piles of sorrows hardship gone daily unlimited. Imagine that the state newspapers corporation which was got burnt while the youths #end SARS riot or brouhaha the governor has never got concern as to have it bounced back over one years running instead has been a kind of snail speed repairs not even the law makers are complaining. The also CRBC Ikom which case equally gory as always epileptic, going off air, is pitiable as their staff continuous apology has become a kind of religion is also not good enough.

Equally, one time a noise made about the Ikom cocoa factory industry as at well remained non functional as a monumental ghost structure. Oh, is it that Cross River has been electrocuted.

I finally here waged my case – gbagam.

This unedited opinion came from Mgbe, from Calabar.

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